Interior Design

Create the garden party of the year with this design guide


When the daylight hours are longer and the temperatures are warm and pleasant, it’s more practical and much more fun to host parties and get-togethers in your backyard. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that hosting your friends al fresco doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Thankfully, with a bit of preparation and a few charming details, you can easily transform your home and your backyard into the ideal space for hosting unforgettable garden parties.

Prepare the yard and make it presentable

To prepare for entertaining evenings spent lounging outside, you’ll need to keep the outdoor areas in your backyard, as well as in front of your home, clean and presentable. While there’s no need to do a complete makeover, you should try to make them look their best. So, ensure that your lawn is mowed, the trees and shrubbery are groomed, and all walkways and entryways are cleared. Once these things are taken care of, you can consider getting creative with the landscaping by bringing in some flowers, plants and plenty of outdoor furniture.

Make sure the plumbing is in perfect shape

Apart from causing you backups with the toilet, standing water in the tub or low water pressure throughout your home, clogged drains can also cause quite a strong, unpleasant odour, which is the last thing you want when hosting an outdoor party. Since it can be a difficult problem to deal with, the best idea might be to hire experts for blocked drains who can fix the issue quickly and efficiently, without causing any damage to your home or your backyard.


Decorate the space to impress your guests

Apart from making your home look ready for the guests, you’ll need to make room for them as well. If you plan to be outdoors during your garden parties, you need to have adequate backyard seating. Whether you decide to buy or rent outdoor furniture, make sure you have enough space for each guest to rest and relax, but don’t forget to create a small nook with bean bag chairs or even hammocks for the ultimate relaxation corner your guests are bound to love. If you are hosting a themed party in your backyard, make sure you decorate your space with some accents and small details that suit the theme, in order to truly impress all of your guests.


Install outdoor lighting to set the mood

Since garden parties often transition into the evening, it’s important to have appropriate lighting to create the right atmosphere for your event. While pool lighting or backyard uplighting already make for a charming aesthetic, make sure all pathways are well-lit with garden stake lights to avoid any potential problems. To add some ambiance and create a relaxing summer party atmosphere, make sure to put up some fairy lights or string lights, consider adding some rustic lanterns or casual paper lanterns for décor, and don’t forget to put romantic candles all over your entertainment space.


Enhance your space with a cozy fire pit

For some additional lighting during the evening and an incredible wow factor your guests are bound to remember, consider enhancing your space with a cozy fire pit. Even though this endeavour might take some additional time and effort, the results will undoubtedly be worth it, as it can be used time and time again. Apart from being able to cook some tasty meals and snacks, a fire pit can also be enjoyed all year round as a source of heat on cooler evenings, and it will be an ideal focal point for summer parties and casual gatherings.


Put up an outdoor bar

Nothing ruins the fun and relaxing atmosphere of an outdoor party quite like having to constantly run back into your house to grab more drinks. In order to avoid this and create the best summer party ever, consider putting up a bar in your outdoor space. Even though you can always build or buy a great outdoor bar, the easiest and most inexpensive way to set this up is to use a tiered rolling cart for serving drinks during your backyard party. Not only will everyone have easy access to their drink of choice this way, but it will also take some burden off your shoulders when hosting an outdoor party. Summer, especially just before the season changes is the perfect time for long nights filled with entertainment, relaxation and fun, so use this helpful guide to ensure your home is ready for all the summer gatherings you have planned.