Makeup free ways to rejuvenate both your body and skin 

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Makeup is anything but natural. It may help enhance the physical features instantly, but you should not trust it much. Because it can prove harmful in the long run or can dilute your real beauty and prevent the real charm from shining through. So, why would you want to try makeup when you can look beautiful in a natural way? There are other ways than cosmetics to bring or maintain glow to the skin and exude youthful energy. That’s why you should try to find a more natural way to look gorgeous in every season and for every occasion.

If you want to look gorgeous without makeup, try some of these tips and see the difference –

Health Diet

1. Take to healthy diet

If you remember the saying “you are what we eat!” Then we can accept that what you eat will reflect in the way you look and feel. If your diet is healthy and nutritious, it will have a positive impact on your overall body. Take for example, people who eat fruits, green vegetables, lentils, walnuts, cheese, yoghurt etc. have healthier and more illuminated skin than those whose diet is anything but nutritious. Similarly, a diet of less sugar and high protein on a regular basis can add lustre to your skin tone and make you feel better. So, take your diet seriously if you want to look beautiful when going makeup free.

2. Drink 8-10 glass of water daily

Drinking plenty of water daily can serve you better particularly if you’re beauty conscious. Staying hydrated all the time is an easy way to make you achieve the added shine to your skin and improve facial glow. Plus, the more water you drink the more toxins it will help flush out of the body, thereby making your body systems work perfectly. Studies have also show that people who are hydrated all the time are less likely to have wrinkles. Therefore, you should drink more water daily to look keep that added glow without the scourge of continuously adding makeup.


water daily

3. Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily

Sleep is an important beauty factor. If you sleep well daily for at least 7 to 8 hours, its positive effect could be visible on your face and overall body. Taking adequate sleep means you will look fresher and there will be no black circles under the eyes as well. Not having proper rest can make you feel lethargic which is definitely not a good way to look your best. People who take adequate sleep will have a better complexion and aid in them being more wrinkle free as well.


4. Do light exercise daily

Physical exercise and activity can be very helpful when it comes to maintaining a good look and a good complexion. People who exercise daily can have improved moods and this can reflect in the beauty of the face and complexion. Any physical activity be it sports, yoga, swimming, jogging or running can be quite helpful in maintaining health and beauty. When you do physical activity daily, it can help reduce stress and even boost circulation, which are always key to looking beautiful. So, get out of the slumber and feel beautiful as ever.

5. Follow a skin care routine

Makeup is not the only way to look beautiful. If you know how to follow a perfect skin care routine, there will be surprising results as well. You can try a combination of cleaning, toning and moisturizing and see the difference to your overall features and looks easily. You can use home-made products and maintain regularity within your beauty care routines to see the difference in the true sense. Invest in creams to keep the hands and legs spot-free and forever glowing.


6. Make exfoliation a part of your routine

A sound skincare routine can prove very handy in replacing makeup and delivering desired beauty to you. So, you can make exfoliation a part of the routine and achieve a beautiful look without much effort. Using a mild exfoliator can help achieve a radiant skin easily. This routine could help keep away the risk of pimples acne and oily pores and achieve a flawless skin.

If you look beautiful, this will justify all the investment, preparing you to hog the limelight, and making you an instant head turner easily. So, try all these tips and look beautiful without makeup.