Find out the secret to getting that gorgeous Gemma Chan look

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If you’re not exactly a fan, or even familiar with the life and work of Gemma Chan, it is high time you get acquainted. Chan is absolutely incredible, because she’s done it all and so far, has been more than successful in all her ventures. This star on the rise in the film and TV industry used her experience as well as earnings from her modeling days to put herself through drama school, and she is now definitely making a name for herself having already appeared in several movies.

Aside from her accomplishments, we have to admit that we are dazzled and stunned by her mere appearance as well. The one particular thing that may come as a shock, as she never fails to wow us, is the fact that Chan doesn’t have a stylist – she uses her friends and her intuition when making style choices. On top of that, she does her own hair and makeup, and given her modeling experience and the lessons she picked up, this comes as no surprise. The reason this is worth noting is that it makes her even more relatable.

Just as Chan, we also live our lives without the aid of makeup artists and personal shoppers, and that means only one thing – if she can do it, so can we. We know you simply can’t wait to find the secret and get the look, so we won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Red carpet ready

red carpet ready


Celebrities have made us accustomed to extravagant gowns and over-the-top red carpet looks, but Chan is here to show us a thing or two when it comes to keeping things low-key even for the glossiest of events and photo ops. If you ever wish to channel Chan for your own version of the red carpet, you’re highly advised to keep to simple and flattering cuts. For her these usually constitute above-the-knee dresses, whether sleeveless or not, a pair of great pumps in a contrasting color and a chic clutch to match.

Just like Chan, don’t be afraid of colors – play with pastels, bold florals and conspicuous metallic golds – as long as your dresses have an air of effortlessness and simplicity – meaning minimalistic tailoring, there is no risk of making a mistake. Bonus tip – currently, she’s obsessed with Chanel bags, and as these are forever, this might just be the time to invest in one.

Off-duty queen

off duty queen


This might perhaps be the most interesting segment – casual off-duty looks, as most of us go about our days sans red carpet, but still want to look amazing while doing so. In this respect, Chan is definitely the one to watch as very few women do casual the way she does. As the actress admits, she can’t live without flats and is always looking for the next great pair of loafers. As they are one of the hottest shoes of the season, finding them won’t be a hard task to complete.

She’s also a major fan of blouses, and often goes for them instead of the regular tee. Breezy blouses tucked into a great pair of jeans topped off with great flats and a simple bag in a contrasting shade is what the Chan look is all about. Floral bomber jackets, timeless trench coats and moto leather jacket are her go to outerwear choices, so as you can see, classy casual at its finest.

Baby, this is what you came for



For some, snagging style secrets is the entire purpose, but Chan is even more known and admired for her beauty than her style persona. So, one simply can’t help but wonder – how does she get to be so effortlessly luminous? Well, the first thing one must do in order to replicate the Chan look is – you can either go for the lips or the eyes, never both – Chan learned that during her modeling days. Try to avoid wearing too much makeup and give your skin breathing time whenever you can.

However, when wearing makeup, stick to luminous and sheer foundations. Asap products are amazing for this purpose, particularly the mineral foundations and light shimmery powders that will give you that overall Chan glow. Don’t be stingy with the blush – the actress always makes sure to emphasize her cheekbones with a plum or even red blush, so be fierce with your colors in this area. As for the lips, she is famous for her precise classic matte lip, usually achieved using a lip pencil, a brush and plenty of blotting to make sure the color really sinks in. Keep the eyes neutral most of the times, just a touch of a neutral flattering shade on the lid – no contouring or adding dimension is necessary.

Hair envy

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Yes, this is another physical trait that has us feeling a mixture of envy and admiration. The secret here is to treat your hair right – Chan rarely styles her hair using heat tools and styling products, she just lets it be and most frequently wears it down. The secret ingredient, however, lies in great hair care. As we’ve come to learn from her stylist, her hair is never over-colored as to not kill her natural shine. A nourishing hot treatment is recommended every so often to keep the strands in spick and span shape, and never overdo it with products.

Finally, the thing to remember when attempting to achieve a look as seemingly effortless as this is that you need to pay great attention to self-care, both in terms of a healthy lifestyle and commitment to good skin. A healthy body is a naturally beautiful one.