The fashion industry is highly competitive. If you want to be one of the players and compete for the attention of your potential customers, you need a well-established internet presence. 

Starting with your own website – a cyber address of your fashion business.

Here are a few useful tips on how to design an appealing fashion website, that will impress your visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Go for a clean layout

Whether you opt to hire a web designer or customize a website template, you’ll need to choose simple but stylish solutions that will appeal to your target audience. 

After all, fashion is all about visuals. Visuals are the first thing your potential customers will notice when they pay a visit to your website, and it will highly affect their purchasing decisions. 

Truth to be told, no one wants to purchase from the website with a sloppy appearance. A cluttered website, with too much text and too many images on your homepage, will only drive your visitors away.

A simple, clean and beautifully designed site will make the products you’re offering look irresistible.

Start with choosing a clean but fashionable layout, that is also balanced so that it falls easy on the eye.

Focus on colors

There is not a single thing on your fashion website that should be picked randomly. For the eye-catching and alluring design, all of the elements that you use need to go along well.

Keep this in mind when choosing color palettes for your website. You should focus on two to three base colors at most, and use shades and tints to expand the palettes when it’s necessary.

Color is also important for branding purposes. The dominant color you choose for your website will, in fact, be your branding color. 

Different colors stand for different things and attract different audiences. Red, used by Coca-Cola but H&M also, represents passion, energy and excitement. It also triggers strong emotional reactions, like a sense of urgency. Green represents health, wealth and tranquility. Because of its relaxing effects, it’s favored by many. The right color will show off your brand personality.

Attractive graphics

Other graphic elements on your website will add to your visual message. They don’t need to be fancy, but if they’re poor, they will hurt your website’s appeal. Use graphics that are clean and attractive, and that go well together. Make sure they also reflect the style you’re aiming for. 

Icons are perfect graphic elements that can visually grab your customers’ attention, and at the same time provide complex pieces of information in a straightforward manner. Check out Infostarters design services and consider using tailor-made icons that are in line with your branding, for the best visual experience.

Also, pay attention to your website’s typography. It’s not only important that the font you use is pretty and interesting, but it also should display well on various devices. To avoid a potential problem with missing fonts, use font stacks.

Use high-quality photos

Using high-quality photos is another must for your fashion business website. No matter how well-designed your website is, low-quality imagery will completely ruin the user experience.

All the photographs you use should be eye-catching and display well both on desktop screens and mobile devices.

Too many photos on the screen will make your webpage look cluttered, so opt for displaying a single large photo instead.

Adding a human element in the photos will make your products look more emotionally appealing.

Keep in mind that the size of the photos you use may affect the loading speed of your website. Use tools to compress or resize them, in order to boost the speed and reduce your bounce rate.

Benefit from the white space

Top-notch designers make good use of white space so that the text and the visual elements stand out.

Give your website’s visitors space to breathe by not stuffing your website with content. 

This goes even for your copy – having enough white space between your paragraphs will make your content scannable, and easier to read. Divide your content with headers, bulleted lists, shorter paragraphs and images. 

Improve user experience

Your website design shouldn’t only be visually attractive to your users. It should also deliver a smooth and seamless user experience so that your potential customers enjoy browsing it, and are satisfied with the content you provide.

However, there are some minimal requirements your website needs  to fulfill if you want it to be competitive on the market:

  • Optimize your website for speed. 53% of your website visitors will leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so make sure it’s fast.
  • Optimize your website for mobile. Mobile accounts for more than half of the internet traffic worldwide, so make your website responsive on all the devices.
  • Have a blog on your website and use it to publish fresh, high-quality, useful and relevant content from the fashion industry. Optimize your content for search engines so that your potential customers can find it in the searches.
  • Leverage social proof on your website to establish trust in your users.
  • Generate leads and use them to better targeted and personalize your marketing campaigns via email.
  • If you’re running an e-commerce business, use discounts, coupons, wishlists and loyalty programs.

Your fashion business will benefit and be even more competitive if you implement some of the most recent technologies. Using AI-powered chatbots can make your fashion business available to your customers 24/7/365 for some of the most common, routine queries, and significantly boost the satisfaction of your users.

Follow the tips above when deciding on your fashion business website design. Visual appeal does matter a lot, but so does your website’s functionality and performance, so keep the balance right.