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A Royal Design Guide Fit For Prince

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It’s no secret the Duchess of Sussex is known for her fresh and feminine taste in interiors. With the royal baby now here, many of us are excited to see the types of purchases she’ll be making on behalf of her new arrival, which no doubt, will fly off the shelves as savvy fans copy her elegant style.

Whether you’re influenced by “Megs” herself or have your own little prince or princess on the way, The Lighting Superstore has put together its top tips for a nursery fit for Frogmore Cottage.

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Safety first

Safety should always be the priority when it comes to a baby or toddler and you can bet conscientious Meghan will have this high on her agenda too.

Place a working smoke detector in or near your child’s bedroom and invest in window guards, which should be securely in place to prevent a little one from falling out of the window.

Some light bulbs can get seriously hot, so opt for lights like the Vibe Spiral Table Lamp complete with LED bulb. Both LED bulbs and Compact Fluorescent (CFL) are cooler to touch and more energy-efficient.

You should also invest in practical products like a room thermometer to help you keep track of room temperature, which should be between 16 and 20 degrees for your little one to get a good night’s sleep.

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Be practical

Practicality is just as important as aesthetics when designing a nursery for your home. Add key furniture and accessories into the room first before decorating with extras.

It can be a good idea to choose your cot first, as it will dictate your colour scheme and the amount of available space, making further decisions easier. Once the colour scheme has been agreed, put together a mood board with key products and influences or use Pinterest Boards to capture your vision and unique style.

If you’re strapped for space, opt for versatile and multi-functional pieces of furniture such as a changing table with underneath storage, which has added benefits.

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Bad baby Feng Shui

One thing Meghan and other parents-to-be will be questioning is where to position everything. After all, nobody wants bad baby Feng Shui.

Before introducing furniture or accessories, first, consider the natural light sources in the room and decorate accordingly. Place the cot away from windows, as a baby could tug the curtains, grab hold of loose string from the blinds or be affected by the temperature outside.

If possible, position the changing station close to the door so that you have quick access to the essentials and can easily change nappies during the evening.

Meghan’s previous interiors style has made nods to both Scandi and Boho design. Follow suit by creating a cosy nook in one of the room corners, complete with an armchair, ottoman and floor lamp such as the Policara Satin Nickel Floor Two Lamp.

This will sit beside shelving units housing books, photographs and sentimental ornaments to make the room feel calm and comfortable during feeding times.

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The colour you opt for in any room can make or break a space. Dark walls will make the room feel small, trap natural light and make it harder to sleep.

Instead, choose light and soothing colours to create a calm atmosphere and allow light to filter across the room. There has been speculation Meghan has opted for a monochrome colour pallet consisting of white and light grey.

These colours, along with creams or pastels, will help make the nursery feel airy, relaxing and bring adaptability to the space. Use homewares, furniture and accessories to lift the room with a touch of colour and complement muted tones.

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Environmentalism is a hot topic right now, but Meghan has been a pioneer of these values long before she was a Duchess, writing about sustainable living on her now-defunct blog.

It has been rumoured Meghan and Harry have invested in high-tech goods, along with eco-friendly choices such as an energy-efficient boiler and vegan paint for Frogmore Cottage.

Invest in furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as wood, linen and rattan – in addition to recycled materials – such as the Sabina Wood Effect Triple Pendant Light, to incorporate sustainability into your nursery while nodding to Meghan’s bohemian interiors influences.