We share these tips for aspiring musicians trying to break into the industry

Being a music artist sounds like the easiest thing in the world, but it’s actually much harder than most of us believe. You have to invest a ton of time, energy, and patience into building your career and negotiating with lots of different people in order to get a chance to show your talents. Or, you can always go the other way and become one of those independent artists who work only with a limited number of people and stick to the associates they know and trust. Becoming such an artist is also challenging, so here’s what you can do in order to become a successful independent musician.

Start asap

Launching a successful music career takes a lot of time – sometimes years and even decades – which is why you need to start as soon as possible. If you’re determined to make it in the music business, starting in your twenties might even turn out to be late, so don’t wait anymore and start realizing your goals today. Lots of people become popular while they’re just teenagers and continue working on their careers until they reach stardom. 

They already have lots of experience and know how to present themselves – Jared Dylan, for instance, said in a 2018 interview that, after years of playing music, he felt that “the person [he has] worked so hard to become can connect with the world in a deeper more meaningful way” – and that’s something every aspiring independent musician should be doing too.

Make your own videos

If you’re writing, recording, performing, and producing your own music, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your music videos too. These are just another way to promote your music and show the people what you’re all about. That’s why your videos have to look professional and cool, and having creative control over them is just the thing to do.

While creating videos isn’t really that hard, you’ll need to learn how to do these things and how to make them look great. That’s why getting some help could go a long way, and using those visually appealing audio visualizers is an idea you should take into consideration. These will help your music look cooler than ever and reach more people, which is always a good thing!

Connect to people

Even though you may sometimes think you’re alone in the world, the truth is quite the opposite – there are literally millions of people doing the same thing you are and trying to make it in the music business just like you are. That’s why connecting to these people and sharing ideas and experiences is something you should definitely do.

Besides meeting people who are just as passionate about the independent music scene as you are, you could also make a few friends and establish new connections. This is crucial for your career and could make a real difference in the long run, which is why networking should be high on your list of priorities.

Play live whenever you can

Some people are against busking because they think these people are creating a mess in the streets, but you’d be surprised to learn how many famous musicians started as buskers. From Ed Sheeran to B. B. King, there are lots of people who understood that playing live is the best way to gain experience and reach your audience. 

This is something you might want to consider doing as well. You don’t have to become a busker, of course, but try to play your music live as often as you can. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing and how many people are listening to you – as long as there’s someone who’s interested, you should show them your appreciation and play for them. This will also help you gain experience and develop a routine, and that’s something all independent musicians need.


Making it in the music business is a hard and challenging task, but if you put your mind to it and stick to your plan, you’ll definitely make it. Just stay committed to your goals and never stop following your dreams and try to inspire as many people as possible to give you a chance and listen to your music.