How The Blogging World Will Survive COVID-19


Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

If, like me, you’re a part of the blogging/vlogging world that we all know and love today, and if you not only have a great fan base and it truly is a significant part of your day to day pre-COVID-19. Then I am sure that along with your thoughts on how to manage your needs verses your wants, for a lot of us bloggers and vloggers etc., there’s a large thought in the back of your mind that screams “We just can’t quit and let our followers down!” Right? Well, that’s what every blogger/influencer is saying nowadays. If you have your social-media channels in the palm of your hands these days, you can still see just how big the effect of corona-virus has impacted on the world including us bloggers, vloggers and influencers.

These are the people who are mostly ‘away’ from home, and use social media to document it all, these people don’t just live in their house exactly, so it’s strange to see them living their lives now in their homes on lock down and basically ‘not’ going anywhere except to only visit their local groceries store.

I spoke influencer Igee Okafor recently, and he told me: “I am just planning ahead and making the best out of the situation.” For all bloggers, vloggers and influencers, who work in the fashion/industry or travel the world, this corona-virus has big impact on all our daily-lives. But thanks to the internet everybody still can feed their audience with fun entertainment content through their social media channels: Instagram, tik tok and even youtube. Never before have our social channels held more power so here’s some ways on how we can leverage these powerful tools to still stay in the game.


Photo Credit: Fashion Weekly | Igee Okafor

Time to get creative – Time to figure-out tik tok.

You can make funny and entertaining video’s trough tik-tok and share them on your instagram-page, Like Ivette Saucedo just did. While you exactly build new following on the platform itself. This is especially great for bloggers, vloggers and youtubers who are just discovering tik-tok for the first time. This platform is a great way to discover opportunities to be creative and stretch out their creative juices whilst still inspiring their existing audiences and hopefully bringing in a newer audience by sharing a different and more humorous way of sharing information, tips or tutorials, than they do on their blog and other social. Media platforms.


You can finally think and take time to plan ahead.

Most of the time you may only be busy feeding your audience your quality-content, information, tips, tricks and all the other interesting things you are eager to share to your following. Now with this current climate and the overarching fact that we are all to a degree bound to our homes, gives us time to think about how you want to go further as a socials socialite. Take time to think about your private and business goals. What will make your blog open withstand these times, what else can you do to serve your audience and yourself? And how you think you can make a difference in this time as an influencer.

As we all now have that extra time that seemed so precious a few months back with all our busy lives being social also we can now plan ahead. Make your tips more precise and smarter, redefine your brand, focus on how to make your social position stronger. When you finally can travel again for business-reasons you want to be back in top form.


Use this time wisely.


Photo Credit: Fashionista | Negin Mirsaheli 

This virus effects us all and we don’t have to lie about it. Especially when you have friends, family, or other people who are close to you that make have directly caught or been effected by this virus. But It’s important to keep your health mentally and psychically. Like Negin Mirsaheli says. That’s why it’s important to keep working-out, as much as possible. Much of the blogger and influencers out their are doing a lot so it is import to keep yourself physically and mentally fit so that when we all do get back to life as usual we are in a great position to keep going. So keep eating healthy and sharing these tips to your audience. Furthermore you now can recommend books to your audiences and other blogs that they may be interested in which is will have a cross-promotional benefit. Fashion blogger Aimee Song recommends that you grab a couple of books that might catch your interest revamping your love for books again.



Photo Credit: Michael Kors | Aimee Song

With these suggestions we hope to inspire you even more than you may already have been by some of the incredible social media stars we have see already. Keep being great and together we are strong!