Fitness: Improve your wellbeing and self esteem through the right strength 


To say that we live in an imperfect world would be the understatement of the year, and more often than not, in the grand scheme of things, body image should be the least of our concerns. However, when certain lifestyle choices come with stereotypes and myths that lead to misinformation, it pays to take a few moments to address those issues. One such idea is how women can make the most of strength training to improve their wellbeing beyond having firm glutes or cellulite-free legs.

Most women nowadays are still afraid of picking up anything heavier than a resistance band in the gym, as they believe they will either get too bulky and muscular or that they’ll inevitably get injured. We’re here to dismantle those myths and let you know how building your physical strength is empowering on several essential levels, and how your physique is only the beginning.

A sense of accomplishment

Regular training makes room for improvements that will inspire you to stay consistent with your routine and overcome many obstacles you’ll inevitably come across. This translates to the rest of your life in such a way that you will be less likely to give up on anything when you can find a more efficient way to reach your goals. Meanwhile, you start appreciating your own effort in every aspect of your life, and you begin to notice how every step counts towards the total of your success.


A feeling of physical power

No, it’s not true that by lifting weights you’ll end up losing your feminine physique, on the contrary. First and foremost, you are in control of how heavy you choose to lift and what your predominant fitness goals are (to lose weight in a healthy way, build lean muscle or build pure strength). No one will ever become too bulky overnight.

Secondly, there’s no need to buy into the over-advertised image of “the perfect woman”, because we shouldn’t be cookie-cutter people, and fitting into moulds shouldn’t be our priority. You’re gorgeous with your love-handles, and you’ll be gorgeous with or without a six-pack. What will be your more than tangible result is getting stronger and more capable to handle everyday tasks. Carrying your grocery bags will no longer be a strain, and you’ll have no trouble opening those annoyingly tight jars. Life gets easier when you grow stronger!


Increasing your cognitive capacity

When you feel beaten down from overworking or you’re surrounded by negative people, it’s difficult to stay productive and give your absolute best. However, regular strength training has shown positive effects on your brain power, giving you better focus, clarity, and it has a protective effect on your ageing brain to prevent dementia. In addition, exercise improves your mood and elevates your energy, giving you more fuel to greet your challenges. Even when you have no zeal to hit the gym, you can use your own exercise equipment such as a home treadmill or your own kettlebells to break a sweat. The perks for your mind will be the same, and you’ll provide your brain with the energy you need!

Greater self-appreciation

If you’re true to your strength routine and your diet, you’ll soon see the improvements in the mirror. Facing the fruits of your hard labor in the form of your sculpted body and your glowing complexion will be more than enough for you to finally say to yourself: you’ve earned it! Your lean physical appearance is merely the reflection of the mental strength, persistence, and perseverance you’ve put into that result and its maintenance. All of that will boost your self-esteem and help you realize that health is by far the most important factor to define your lifestyle choices: not the media, the distorted social standards or the stereotypes that surround them.


Above all – Resilience

Finally, strength training may seem like a dull, mindless choice to the untrained eye. However, athletes know that these routines and exercises are exceptionally strenuous both on your mind and your body. They force you to build more resilience not only to the challenges you face in the gym, but also to those that would otherwise wreak havoc on your life. Suddenly, a flat tire or a screaming boss no longer seem so intimidating once you pull a personal record on that squat or face a heavily-loaded deadlift barbell. Both your mind and your body become trained to handle stress with greater ease and recover faster from physical and mental strain. All in all, strength is not a notion that is strictly limited to your physical self, and you should explore your own capacity for growing that strength in every possible way.