It’s the beginning of a new year, and we can’t help wondering about all the new trends that will shape the way we dress up our home. Previous years were all about concrete homeware, over sized furniture and obsession with metallics, but can we finally hope for something new and fresh? Of course we can. The professionals from the interior design industry will not leave us disappointed with their ideas and predictions for 2017. If you want to dress up your home according to the latest décor trends, here are a few ideas they had in mind.


Colored by Jewels

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about furniture or accessories, the colors that will dominate the décor of 2017 will be deep jewel tones, such as amethyst and emerald green. The colors will be inspired by stars, clouds, metals and space, and that inspiration will also affect the choice of materials and fabrics used in homeware. Floaty silk, transparent fabrics, opal and raw-cut quartz are all trends derived from jewel tones.

Nail Head Obsession

A nail head is a classic detail used in upholstered furniture, but this year we’ll be seeing a lot of it in the most unexpected places. The designers will be using it to base plates of lighting fixtures, to decorate credenzas and storage chests, and even to create a pattern on a piece of furniture.

Matte Everything

Matte finishes are the complete opposite of shiny jewel tones. Even though the two are so different, they work very well together by creating a striking contrast of sheens and high-glosses. You will have no problem following this trend as all well-equipped appliance stores offer a wide choice of kitchen homeware with matte paint finishes and ceramic accessories. The most popular colors will be black and pastels.

3Jan2017 4Jan2017

Feminine Concrete

Traditionally, concrete is raw and masculine, and as such it’s been used in interior design to complement industrial décor. This year, things will be different. The designers Matt and Kim DiCosta have a fresh take on concrete, giving it a more subtle and curvy shape and coloring it with feminine shades, such as pastel peach, ivory, mint and blush pink. The range of concrete items encompasses everything from dining tables to mirrors and stools.

All Fringed Up

Fringes may have had their moment in fashion last year, but it is only now they are becoming equally represented in home décor. Fringes and tassels are introducing a flirty and elegant vibe to furnishings, finding their place everywhere in the house, from luxury armchairs to statement chandeliers.

Are You Feeling Butterflies?

We’re not kidding, butterflies are the next big thing in interior design. Gone are the days when these lovely creatures could find their place only in the kids’ room. They are appearing as a symbol of happiness, grace and optimism and are celebrated in a variety of ways – through wallpaper, vases, furnishing, textiles, drapes, etc.

5Jan2017 6Jan2107

Colored by Spring

Last year’s craze about Rose Quartz and Serenity has finally met its end, when Pantone named the new color of the year 2017 – Greenery. This fresh zesty green will be used to revitalize walls, furniture and accessories. Being so bright and striking, Greenery works best when used in accents to draw attention, instead of overwhelming the space if used as the dominant shade.

Artisanal Is the New DIY

Pinterest and Etsy made us fall in love with quick and easy DIY projects anyone can tackle, and we have all, at some point, tried to turn a wine crate into furniture. This year we say farewell to the DIY-craze and hello to artisan pieces that require a high-level of skill. This means we’ll be seeing the return of old crafts, like amazing woodworking, porcelain and glass blowing.


All of these trends suggest that the current year is bringing back elegance, femininity, and optimism into our homes. Homeware is more creative and decorative than ever. Let that be your inspiration to finally make your home trendy.