Summer is all about happy times, good sunshine and oodles of energy to explore and wade off. And so, let’s seek into investing our energy, this summer by giving our homes its best nonchalant look. Here are Home decor ideas addressing the homes for the hottest season.


Accent seems to be the word to go with for this season. Add the accents to your spaces in varying amounts. The otherwise serene neutral themed living room can accommodate an accent chair in a pop colour like the Seraphina Chair by Sahil and Sarthak or you could bring in the bright coloured accessories like the Dawn to dusk clock by Vandeepp Kalra. Splashes of oranges and reds against the blue and grey background is an attractive approach to embracing the sunshine.

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Windows are quintessential in letting in the bright and positive rays into the indoors. Do away with the heavy drapes and treat your windows differently. Flowing, light sheer curtains in translucent colours such as baby pink, blue, lavender or olive green with dashes of self-print motifs and ruffle borders can entice the room with colourful rays of light.




Devote time to creating a gallery wall. It can be a temporary setting with a lifespan of over just a few months. But make it look like the summer has hit your wall. Bright, shining accessories, Gold/antique frames, symbols of outdoor activities like the fishing hook, the racquet are all ideas to showcase the mood of the season.



Do not hesitate to introduce more cushions and pillows to all your spaces. Be it the couches, the beds, even the floors can take in splashes of the season with the Poppy Flower Floor Cushion by So Klara.


Tablescapes are a trend these days. It is about creating an arrangement on the dining table that invokes the style, function and trends of the season. For the summer, restyle your table with everything natural and green. Add in pops of yellow with marigolds or dashes of red with carnations blended with greens against white backdrops.



Introduce pure white into the interiors. It could be the Salisbury Chair by Alter London or the simple Blanc tall chest by Prime Design. It will come off as a perfect template to apply the bright summer colours and also balance out the quirkiness of the season.




Drive ideas from the nature to create or purchase new furniture pieces for the season. Kota Blora Console Table by Now’s Home is a great example of meeting inspirations of staying natural yet stylised.


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