With all the fashion weeks headlining international press, and all forms of social media currently saturated with what the best of the best have to offer on the runway it has been rather challenging to decide just exactly who I would write about for my proceeding music review. Until I realised that I had one of the best emerging acts already running daily on my iphone fav’s (without sounding too informal) and that band I am proud to say is “Two Weeks Running!!” And this name has to be expressed with share enthusiasm.


Image Source: Reverb Nation

If you remember that first year in university when it dawns on you that lectures do actually exist and that fresher’s week literally should not run on the entire year hence the word “week” after the word fresher’s, there is always that one band that gets you through the toll of assignments and that sets you up for the epic and undoubtedly comatose weekend ahead, “Two Weeks Running” has that exact air to their sound. And when it comes to cool rock bands in England, Northerners just seem to have a knack for getting it right.

This northern indie rock band originally from Bolton have really been making waves on the underground scene and commercially. Its members consisting of Phil Alstead – Vocalist, with that distinctive catchy voice that we heard from the likes of The Beatles John Lennon; Jon Wilkes and Joe Martos on Guitar, Alex Goulding on Bass and Sam Goulding on Drums. It has to be said that ‘Two Weeks Running’ are definitely a musically accomplished band that rhythmically are sound. Make no mistake about it these guys know what they are doing when it comes to music and it seems as though it is full steam ahead for this particular quintet band. Already Two Weeks Running have been compared to the likes of ‘The Strokes’ and ‘Interpol’ but with that catchy energetic and distinctive sound of the 60’s and 60’s bands such as ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Who’ with ‘The Who’s’ earlier material “my generation” and hits of that era (before you ponder, “yes” I do my research). From XFM to their cameo in C4’s teen soap-drama Hollyoaks these guys are unquestionably making their mark. With a carefree effortless style to their image and with a look that somehow fuses 60’s rebellious teen rock bands with a contemporary freshman campus look these guys just exude über cool.


Image Source: Two Weeks Running Official Site


Image Source: Two Weeks Running Official Site

With high-energy songs such as Stay Forever, and Waste Of A Day and Holy Ghost to the more slower paced songs such as Swim and One Deep Breath you can never grow tiered of listening to each track off of their Debut EP ‘Beats For The Heart’ and it is not just in the sound that keeps you completely involved in this band it’s a combination of great lyrics, great sound and their look. Admittedly I am now a fan even though I am yet to see them live I am still excited about what the future holds for Two Weeks Running.
We hope this band sticks around to showcase more of their talents so here at Di-form we Salute the awesomeness that is “Two Weeks Running!”

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Edit & Words by: Florence Bailey