Every time I go to the movies I end up coming home wondering “why do Hollywood stars look so superior and how can we, mortals, look like movie stars?” The answer isn’t some out-of-this-world DNA or even experimental treatments. Actually, with just some effort, time and creativity every woman can look like Megan Fox (or at least come close to her). Here’s how you can do it too.

Get your hair did!


Jealous of those luscious locks and perfect volume you see on the big screen? To be honest, those are mostly extensions or just hours and hours spent at expensive hairdressers. However, here’s what those Hollywood hairdressers say you can do at home to get the look. First, get regular haircuts, even if it’s just a smidge off the ends. Conditioning is also very important, as is the right hair color. Pick a color that will highlight your eyes and your tan, and not take too much attention from your face. Also, don’t cheap out on hair products and pick a high-quality brush.

Say “aaaaaaaah”

It’s amazing how much your teeth can actually change the way you look. If you want that camera-ready smile, your teeth should be perfect. However, if your pearly whites could use some help, there are many things you can do to get that radiant smile. For instance, if you have “negative” space between your teeth that can be seen when you smile, they can be bonded to make your smile wider. But, if you have some missing teeth where nobody can see them, it can still affect your smile. Your face might be missing the support and making your face look droopy and older.  Also, if your teeth aren’t straight, your smile will never be 100% star-like. However, that problem can also be taken care off with good old teeth straightening methods.  There are different ways you can get your teeth in line, from traditional braces to lingual attached braces and aligners.

Hit the gym like Wonder Woman


Most celebs have a lot of extra money to spend on state-of-the-art gyms, pro trainers, massage and recovery treatments, nutritionists and cooks. All of that wealth also makes you less stressed and gives you more freedom and time to dedicate to getting that model body. However, just because you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on private trainers and expensive treatments, it doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. Hit the affordable gyms, find workout programs online and set realistic goals for yourself. In time, you’ll look like Jessica Alba.

Get that glow on

You also should take better care of your skin. When was the last time you’ve seen a celebrity with pimples or blemishes? The best path to beautiful skin is a good diet, proper hydration, regular exercise and high-quality products. However, most celebs opt for a little help from the surgeons. Today, getting a Botox shot isn’t a big deal, so if you feel like you might benefit from them, go ahead. But, just know that getting injected isn’t your only option. The natural way is always the best.

Improve your makeup game

Before a celebrity leaves the house, they go through an extensive makeup process. They usually have the best makeup artists and best products. But, you can also take action and bring your A-game on. If you use products such as concealers, light-bending foundation and good moisturizers you’ll bring out the best in your skin and hide all imperfections. It’s all about the finish, so always have some oil-blotting papers or tame that shine with some translucent powder.

If you combine these beauty tips with some stylish clothes and a good, confident attitude, don’t be surprised if paparazzi attack you when you leave your home.