The Layer Scene

Once those winter nights arrive you’ll benefit even more from adding layers and, in addition, create a more unique and individual style. Nowadays there are no rules within fashion, as long as you feel confident enough in what you’re wearing, there’s a very good chance you’ll carry it off in style! Layering up may seem an obvious way to keep warm but, for the more obsessive fashionistas out there, it’s the perfect way to create a ‘one-off’, individual look. Wearing everything from one of the best online high street stores, Missguided, I have put together a very different and ‘out there’ outfit. 3/4 length leggings and unitards have once again become on trend reminding us all of an 80’s workout video! This ribbed plunge 3/4 length jumpsuit works wonders for your figure! Not only does it achieve a stunning dressed up look but you can also create a chilled, comfy and casual look too. Styled with a baggy boyfriend t-shirt, placing it off the shoulder, tied in a knot and wearing some high top Vans or Converses combined with a bomber jacket to complete the look.

For an even dressy feel to a layered up look, simply keep the jumpsuit and baggy boyfriend t-shirt placed off the shoulder but this time don’t knot the top, add a funky eye catching body harness over the top and a contrasting satin bomber jacket. Pair this look with this season’s hottest shoes, the mesh perspex heels, available in a variety of colours and your good to go out on the town! Taking influence from the style queen, Kim Kardashian, wearing her 3/4 lengths with Yeezy 3 boots and come spring/summer you’ll only need to shred each layer, take off the bomber jacket, baggy t-shirt and there you’ll have it – a killer, envious look, plunge ribbed jumpsuit, body harness and to die for heels.



Harness Ready

Who would have thought this grunge and edgy accessory, the leather body harness, would become a popular modern and mainstream fashion must have? You really need to be adventurous and daring to style an outfit and accessorize with one of these beauties! They’ve become a huge hit with celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna, wearing these bold, statement leather harnesses over the top of simple, baggy tees or t-shirt dresses. Unfortunately some people don’t see body harnesses as a distinctive accessory instead associating the harness with deviance and perverse sexuality! However, with a creative mind you can wear them over shirts, cute summer dresses and winter jumpers and completely conflict the two styles.
Let’s be honest such a unique and in your face accessory isn’t going to be the easiest to find in most high street stores so check out Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS to get yours now! The one pictured below is from Missguided, a perfect leather looking harness, which can be worn with anything, whether it’s on holiday, over the top of swimwear, or like me worn as another layer of clothing over the top of a jumpsuit and baggy t-shirt.

Mesh your Boots

Kanye West and his fall 2015 collection set the world going mad. With his Yeezy shoe collection selling out in no time! Using neutral colours as his main theme and switching from baggy to fitted clothes. Models wearing hoodies, t-shirts, jogging bottoms, leggings, crop tops and unitards. From classic, basic fabrics to mesh and sheer materials. Experimenting with layering different pieces on top of each other creating the most unique look. His latest spring 2016 collection still took the world by storm with the most amazing show and catwalk, but unfortunately the ridiculous price of the clothes made a real impact on his fans. Kanye West’s season 2 and 3 Yeezy shoe collection, received a huge response and as always the Kardashian family models and advertise the shoes amazingly. With high street stores such as Public Desire, Simmi shoes, Pretty Little thing and many more creating affordable replica shoes. From high suede like sock boots to Perspex sock boots, these shoes will always have jaws dropping. You can dress up or down, worn in the summer or even in the winter this alternative shoe is a must have!!



Editor: Florence Bailey