Harare’s presentation at High Loft during New York Fashion Week

Image courtesy of Omen Pr

This Australian born designer has spread her fashion wings from Brisbane to New York. Establishing her womenswear label Harare in 2013 Caroline Fuss has been shaking up the fashion scene with her playful & feminine silhouettes. Graduating from the prestigious East Sydney Tech fashion program, Caroline’s love for design landed her a spot to show her collection at the Australia’s fashion week. After her graduate success, Caroline travelled to New York and continued her education with the prestigious designers Proenza Schouler but not without a lot of fierce persuasion. In Cleo Magazine Australia Caroline said she “I was determined to move to New York and work with my favorite deign duo, Proenza Schouler. Dring my second week here (in NY), I rocked up to their office and told the manager I wanted to ask them for a job. She told me it doesn’t work that way, but I ended up becoming friends with her and eventually she gave me an internship!” Her drive and passion has paid off with 2014 being her first time to present at New York fashion week.


“Models walking at Harare’s F/W 2014 show at New York Fashion Week

Image courtesy of Omen Pr

Now based in New York, Caroline knows how to make her designs stand out with her attention to detail and textiles. What makes her pieces different is her work with Guatemala, where she designs hand crafted embroidery and woven pieces. Each piece has a message which Caroline makes sure her buyers know, when speaking to Seen Known Heard at her New York presentation she said “People are drawn to the clothes at first because it’s so different, they don’t even realize that at first that the fabric is from Guatemala. They see the fabric, and then touch it, and they say ‘oh, I thought that was print!’ They’re amazed at the craftsmanship.”


From ombré dying to chunky knits at Harare’s NY Fashion Week

Image courtesy of Omen Pr

Each garment created by Caroline brings the coolness of New York with the beauty of the world, as she works directly with families in Guatemala. Each collection not only helps bring her dream to life but help fund these families and keep the hand crafted industry alive and well. Her Fall Winter collection Caroline listed her inspiration to Pagesdigital from expressionist artists Frankenthaler, Diebenkorn and Rothko. Where she channeled the watercolor work of Diebenkorn as seen above in the top dress. The collection was filled with gleaming greens to ox blood prefect for a fall winter collection.


Models at Harare’s F/W 2014

Image courtesy of Omen Pr

Harare is the capitol of Zimbabwe, the birthplace of her mother and grandmother. Which where Harare’s global approach design comes in, Caroline is truly an outstanding designer who is not only ready to show the fashion world her designs but the story and history behind each piece. Harare is soon to conquer swimwear and accessories to continue cultivating a global story behind her brand.

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey