The electrifying Hong Kong based designers Ground Zero presented their innovative Spring Summer 2014 Ready To Wear collection to Paris Fashion Week for the 3rd time. Established in 2008 this creative brother duo Eri and Philip Chu are known for their unique graphic prints and constructions of designs. Models walked the runway with bright, punchy and electrifying colours signifying an exhilarating start for fashionistas on Day 1 of Paris Fashion Week.


Image from Brown Platform

The brothers describe their design inspiration on their website Zero Labratoryas taking inspiration from everywhere, allowing them to create beautiful pieces that contrast and challenge the fashion aesthetic norm. The duo started pursuing their dreams of fashion with Eri studying graphic design in Hong Kong and Philip travelled to London to study fashion design, and took a unique approach on learning how to grasp fashion. Eri and Philip named their visionary label Ground Zero to signify their belief that a good fashion design house needs a solid foundation and that zero offers endless possibilities, “Zero could be everything” states the brothers on Zero Labratory. This collection is constantly cohesive to their previous collections that pushed the boundaries of design creating an always-unforgettable show.
The colors throughout this collection play with a futuristic palette of yellow, white, blues, pinks, blacks and reds, creating a bold statement for Spring Summer 2014 and keep the fluidity of the collection. The collection builds up to a cutting edge symphony of graphic prints, starting with a soft floral pattern with fresh faced models to bring your eyes to the beautiful print as seen below.

Images from Totem FashionPhotographer Shoji Fujii


Images from Style Bistro

Ground Zero continues the thrilling collection by introducing a bold graphic print of futuristic models on their garments, taking the pieces on a journey into the future of fashion aesthetic for Spring Summer. The pieces move through the collection from a soft palette into a fashion future the make up changes to a dramatic red lip and black cat eyes to create a strong look on the runway.


Image from Yvan Rodic

image7Image from Fashion Oneimage8Image from 3 News (APP)

Ground Zero creations have been welcomed by celebrities in Hong Kong such as D-Mop, Wyman Wong and Miriam Yeung and Twins just to name a few. The designs not only reflect their incredible skill but why their fast growing success makes them one of Hong Kong’s most present fashion identities in the industry. To finish off the ultramodern experience the models showcase white face-paint with a bold colored strip across the eye. The pieces escalate the white garments paired with a graphic print to finish off their innovative vision.


Images from Brown Platform


Images from Style Bistro

With 13 collections under their belt and a continual love for graphic prints becoming the signature to their designs, Ground Zero is a label to watch. To follow the process of these sensational designers at Ground Zero follow them on Facebookor Instragram.

Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey