Halloween hairstyles’


It can be hard to find just the right hairstyle for your Halloween costume — just like it can be hard to find the right hairstyle for your fun night out. Though Halloween is all about putting on another face for a few hours, it has parallels to the fun dinner parties that you tend to go out to during the rest of the year. After all, what is makeup if not another face that you get to wear for a couple of hours? It only makes sense that Halloween hairstyles would utilize your existing hairstyle designs and decisions, but cranked up to 11. Even if you’re not usually one to do a lot of elegant hairstyles and interesting looks, both Halloween and special occasions are the perfect time to try it out.Whether you’re trying to figure out how to do your hair for Halloween or you want to find out a way to upgrade your look for an elegant party that one of your friends is throwing, you can actually do them both with one hairstyle. Of course, with Halloween, you’re often trying to imitate an existing character or ideal well enough for people to guess it. With a dinner party, that’s usually not at all what you want. So how can you make these hairstyles do double duty? Simple: you just have to make a few changes to your style so that it’s more of a generally beautiful hairstyle and less of a character-centered hairstyle. Plus, with some of these, it’s all in the overall look. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can get two completely different benefits out of what’s essentially the exact same hairstyle.

Halloween costumes aren’t always easy to put together. When you put together a Halloween costume, you may find yourself thinking how it’s similar to putting together a look for an elegant dinner party. You’re not far off: both of these often require a pretty substantial amount of work to put together a whole look.

But what if one hairstyle could work for both of these? That’s right: you can make even character-centered hairstyles work for you at the dinner party you’re going to next week. With these hairstyles, you only have to learn one trick for two nights of fun.

Daenerys Targaryen – Fancy Braids


Daenerys is a very popular character from Game of Thrones, and her look is so iconic at this point that you’ll probably find a number of people copying it for Halloween. Here’s how to pull off the medieval-flavored style.

Start by working dry shampoo into your hair to give it a lived-in vibe. Separate your hair into three sections: pull the top half of your hair up, then separate the bottom half into two pigtails and secure them with an elastic.

On each side, make two small braids, one below the other, using a half-Dutch style. Rather than pulling hair in from both the bottom and the top, only pull from the top, making sure to leave the braids fairly loose.

Lastly, comb out the rest of your hair with dry shampoo. Curl it using a medium-barreled curling iron, making sure that you leave the curls fairly loose. Then, separate the curls with the end of the comb.

If you want to adapt it for a nice night out, it’s extremely easy to do so. First, the look is highly related to the character’s hair color and corresponding costume, so if you have dark hair and a nice outfit on, no one will likely even notice. If you want to go even further undercover, only do one braid on each side, rather than two.

Snapchat Deer – Space Buns


Snapchat filters are a popular Halloween topic, and the deer filter is cute and accessible enough for it to be a hot Halloween costume. These space buns pair perfectly with the costume and also offer plenty of versatility for other costumes.

Use texturizing spray to lend your hair a nice heft of texture. Then, part it down the middle from the very top to the very bottom. Gather your hair into two high, tight ponytails and secure each with an elastic.

Tease the ponytails at the roots to add some additional volume, then curl them around the elastic, tucking the ends underneath, and pin them down. Use your hands to pull out the buns just a little bit to give them a looser “lived-in” feeling.

This works perfectly fine as-is for a nice night out. For an even more elegant concept, add accessories to the look like barrettes, ribbons, and other options that will build on the rest of your outfit.

Marie Antoinette –Vintage Updo


Though this look is inspired by Marie Antoinette’s hairstyle, lots of people are bound to use it for a themed look that builds on the massively successful Hamilton theatre production. Though it’s distinctly dated, that doesn’t have to put you off using it for a night out.

Create a beehive near the bottom and back of your hair. Tease it out, then pull it up and pin it into itself, creating a roll of teased hair from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head. Pin the center side, then the left, then the right for the most clean look.

Now, using the rest of your hair, create around six or seven strong curls with a curling iron, pinning each curl to your head as you go. Unpin one curl, tease the roots a bit for more volume, and repin against your head by the curled end. Repeat with all the curls, then spray the style to set.

You can actually adapt this to an elegant party just by having strongly colored dark hair. Another thing you can do is to not curl the hair quite as much — leave it a bit wavy for more of a carefree vibe.