Born in the 1930’s, Scandinavian, or otherwise called Nordic décor, belongs to modernism – a movement known for its orientation toward functionality and simplicity of forms. This makes it a perfect design for modern kitchen that needs to be fully functional, while looking clean, simple and beautiful. The minimalism of Nordic décor can fit into every space, but you can get the most out of it in small kitchens where the space feels cramped and impossible to work in. If you want to equip your kitchen with tasteful elegance, dress it up in Scandinavian style. Let’s see how you can do that.


A White Coat of Paint
The first thing people notice when entering a Scandinavian kitchen is its incredible brightness and spaciousness, both of which are a result of white walls and complementing bright and gentle colours. The all-white look will enable you to combine various accessories and appliances, while not disturbing the overall appearance. This is something you can do on your own – grab a paint brush and a bucket of snowy white paint and start working.

Just a Hint of Other Colours
Not everything is white in Nordic design, but everything surely is bright. If all-white décor looks too sterile for you, you can bring in some character with shades of beige, pastels, neutrals and grey. Coat your floor, chairs, countertop, cabinets or some smaller details with these gentle hues and create a more dynamic appearance.



Introduce Textures
An important treat of Scandinavian décor, besides its simplicity, is the comfort. Since you can’t introduce it with deep colours, you can use nature-inspired textures. Cover the floors with warm and cozy shaggy rugs, use faux fur cushions for dining room and bar chairs. Tassel cushions can also introduce some fun and playfulness to otherwise bare space. For extra comfort, you can squeeze in a small pastel sofa and make a pleasant seating area.

Wood as the Décor MVP
A Nordic kitchen should evoke a sense of calmness typical of natural surroundings, and there is no better way to represent that than by using nature’s favourite element – wood. Wooden ceiling panels (white or bare) will draw the eye up, and creating a focus wall with wood cladding will make the space warmer. The prevailing furniture material in this type of design is wood, and you can also use it for accessories.



Make Everything Functional
Functionality is the imperative of Scandinavian décor, if you fail to meet this demand, your efforts in creating a bright space and clean lines will be worthless. Clutter-free space that doesn’t have a place to arrange your dishes and other supplies isn’t functional. Instead, try to make as much storage space as you can (dividers in the cabinets, under the countertop, the space under the sink, etc.). Luckily, there are plenty of DIY projects that can help you upgrade your kitchen storage solutions.

Light the Way
Lighting in the kitchen is always an important design aspect, but Scandinavians have brought that mission to unsurpassable perfection. Do the same by allowing natural light to enter the room (make a new larger window or get rid of the drapes). Complement it with enough different artificial light sources (use ambient and task lighting and simple retro metallic pendant lamps above the countertop). Enhance the effect by placing mirrors opposite to the light sources to create a reflection and illusion of spaciousness.


Seasonal Décor
The fact that your kitchen should be clean and uninterrupted doesn’t mean that you have to denounce the pretty seasonal décor. For winter holidays, you can find Scandinavian kitchen Christmas lights online. Maybe they aren’t as colourful as the traditional lights are, but they truly bring in a sense of holiday magic. In spring and summer, introduce a lot of green potted plants (in metallic or wooden pots) or simple fresh white flowers. Autumn too has a great way to manifest itself in your Nordic kitchen – a bare branch in a glass vase full of salt or a white candle in a glass full of hazelnuts. As for the everyday décor, keep it toned down with graphic prints on the walls and a couple of wooden and glass decorative elements.

The set of values that inspire Scandinavian design; reliability, functionality, simplicity, joy and daily pleasure visible through simple forms are in perfect harmony with what every kitchen should aspire to. Introduce it to your own kitchen, and cooking will become a true pleasure.