Achieve A Very Dapper Style And Get The Iconic 007 Look This Season. We are here to show you how, as we rub through some of the best Bond looks to help you recreate a very tailored Bond look that will make you every man’s new fashion nemesis this season. 

There are very few occasions when the modern man can wear formal clothes. The Holiday season however, is a great opportunity to express formality at it’s very tailored best. Since everyone is so intent on looking exceptional this season as they wave the old year goodbye, men get to pull out their fitted suits and feel dapper. For this reason it is good to pick a role model to mimic. Men that take pride in their appearance have a tendency to think of James Bond as they suit up. Though in reality most men will never wear suits when engaged in an altercation or need to save the world from a nuclear war but the average man can still turn heads with the ultimate 007 appeal for this festive season. And we are here to show you how?


The Connery – Goldfinger



(Image Source – James Bond Suits Images Edited For DIFORM By Chloe Miller)
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The quintessential English man by the 1950’s standard (still relevant in today’s fashion)  is always well groomed, with impeccable tastes and an elegant yet sharp look from top to bottom. With this look it is not just the style but the attitude that must be married in order to bring the best out of this look. Only Connery could have made this look an iconic moment. In any other Bond film, this would have been rather ridiculous. Taking off his wet suit after exiting the water, Bond revealed a neatly pressed white suit with a flawless tie. For us mere mortals, taking off a diving suit would involve much panting, several moments of extreme body shame and a desire to lie down for a long time.

This gray three-piece suit (also used in Goldfinger) is a great way to bring out the decadence in your profiling. Ensuring that you are the best dressed man in the room. And instead of the men’s hairstyles of that time, to bring out this look further you can combine a modern fresh hair style with this classic refined look.


The Lazenby  – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


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Though George Lazenby had little time to make an impression as Bond, starring in just one movie, Connery’s successor was indeed the epitome of sophistication. Lazenby gave such variety to choose from and any of his Scottish looks will suit any strapping man irrespective of age, easy to carry off at any fancy dinner. Lazenby’s both elegant and a bit daring looks definitely are a cut above all others which can be seen in this masculine cream suit with pink shirt and navy tie. Bond in a pink shirt. Who would have thought? Apparently many people think that pink dress shirts are a popular choice for men today, and if not pink shirts, then pink ties at least. And with this look you are sure to look dashing when combined with a light coloured suit.


The Moore   –  in Live and Let Die

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Though the simple look is never easy to achieve Roger Moore done so effortlessly and gave us his stylish yet basic minimal looks. A simple black polo-neck sweater with tight pants and a gun holster casually over his shoulder in the scene in Live and Let Die is so natural and timeless that it was remodeled in the first poster of Spectre as well. This look is possibly the most casual James Bond look, and something that doesn’t take a lot of mental commitment for men unaccustomed to suits. Dark polo-necks are very “heritage core” and this new vintage rising trend you can usher and recreate easily as you count down your new year’s eve.


The Brosnan – The World Is Not Enough


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Even if you can barely remember what happened in the rest of the film, the opening sequence of The World Is Not Enough was excellently directed. And what was even better directed or should we say styled was the exquisitely tailored charcoal suit and blue shirt. Pierce Brosnan wore this better than any other Bond could have, and thanks to the many services that offer suits made to measure – such as Anderson & Sheppardthat is if you don’t mind breaking the bank? And for the more affordable option iTailor – you can too. You can safely bet that James Bond the character (and the actors who play him) have all his suits made at legitimate tailors. But there are men in suits, and there are men in tailored suits, and if by now you are not sure of the difference then you need to run at full speed to any one of the tailors mentioned. Keep in mind that no James Bond ensemble would be right unless it was made to measure to perfection.


The Craig – Quantum of Solace


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Bond may seem a bit strange when he is not impeccably groomed – refresh your memories of Connery wearing shorts too short or Roger Moore wearing a safari jacket with short sleeves – but  Craig is almost always right. We’re sure that there is nothing better than riding through the streets on a motorcycle (as seen in Quantum of Solace), wearing a black Harrington jacket, beige chinos and brown suede shoes. And not only does Daniel Craig show us how to be the personification of the word  ‘cool’. Craig is also thus far the most ‘modern’ James Bond. The great thing is that you don’t need to try that hard to mimic his relaxed debonair look. Best of all, the outfits he wore were fresh. The wonderful aspect that Craig brings to the Bond fashions is his versatility so you don’t just have to save these looks in a closet just for weddings and New Year’s parties, they will work for a night out or even on those down-time days. So it is no surprise that Craig is a Tom Ford campaign favourite. Tom Ford together with a true gentleman who wears it always makes for the perfect match.

Each actor who has played James Bond uses their style as one of his most valuable weapons – from impeccable tuxedos to luxurious hotels in exotic locations. But for the festive season in order to recreate any one of these Bond looks it is crucial to incorporate your ‘cool’ as an integral part of your personal style adding your own inner 007. But proceed with caution, remember 007 had a license to kill,  not a provisional.  

Let us know which was your favorite James Bond? Which Bond do you most aspire to look like, given the right circumstances?


Beauty & Fashion Writer: Chloe Miller
Editor: Florence Bailey