Gavin Heffernan & Harun Mehmedinovic

Whispers from the sky pulsated by clusters of the Milky Way, fireballs and flashes of meteors conjured to raise awareness of light pollution from photographer and screenwriter. Gavin Heffernan’s Sunchaser Pictures & Bloodhoney by Harun Mehmedinovic designed the timelapse video experience playing behind the legendary Rolling Stones during their classic ballad MOONLIGHT MILE on the band’s 2015 ZIP CODE stadium tour.

In 2015, Heffernan and his photography partner Mehmedinovic collaborated on SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM, a crowdfunded book and Blu Ray set to plunge into the danger of urban light pollution. The campaign was featured in TIME and CBS News and is the 4th most successful Photobooks Kickstarter of all time. Releasing Summer of 2016.

Curator: Rocio Frausto

Technical Director: A.L. Crego

Editor: Florence Bailey