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Speaking out and being proud Lucy And La Mer Interview Feature


Lucy re-touched (love your smile lines)-3

….Daring to be different

Describing herself as Folk-pop, ready to shock on stage and endlessly working to silence the voice of “mis”-conception where the term “bi” is concerned, in order for you to make decision based on the music and her beliefs instead of a contrived bias, Lucy LaForge, one half of the band Lucy & La Mer, works to obliterate the voices of nonsensical reason, instead permitting an opportunity to see her not only as the front women of this duo but as she is.

Billboards Stephen Daw describing Lucy as ‘standing defiantly in the face of heteronormativity and daring to be different’ Lucy has managed to peak interest with both straight and non straight audiences. Mid-travel from London stopping on to her next show in Liverpool Lucy allowed me probe at why a seemingly all American suburban Christian Country girl, was referred to by Huffpost as becoming one of the new voices in music for not only being confident within herself, her sound but comfortable with her sexuality, and why she is advocating the importance of being true to who she is amid the conjectural opinions that may steer you otherwise.

After traveling to the UK several times the excitement for this second visit was hard to conceal as she expressed how great it felt to be back on UK soil with the weather being better than it had been on her last visit, particularly as it was part of a great tour and her first official European tour. And when I asked how she compared it against the audience’s participation in LA? She remarked “It’s been really positive, London was really receptive and they were friendly, which was surprising. I actually thought that London would have been a bit more standoffish. And it’s kind of different. The LA crowd are cool and a hipster audience. So even even if they enjoy your show, they are actually more laid back and they do their own thing and are pretty chilled. So yes London was a nice surprise.”



…Laughing through the mediocrity

Bred in the small town of Winchester, a very religious, right wing community, Lucy’s upbringing at times was in direct conflict to what her views would later be in life. Lucy acquiesced on the sharp and significant differences between her home town and its beliefs and obvious difference to what she believed in and advocates. Describing how before she moved out of town she began to disconnect from some of those values and confessed that she felt a lot more open minded and at the time did not know she identified herself as being not straight. “Being bi-sexual is met with a lot of oppression, and the bi-phobia is world wide, but I think there are a lot of negative misconceptions in the media – I’ve met a lot of people that have said ‘oh I don’t know any bi-sexuals’, yet they have a lot of negative opinions”. Laughing through the mediocrity and ridiculousness of some less informed trivia she went on to say. “I think there is a lot of misconception of what it is to be bi-sexual, but I’ve realised that it is very important to say that “yes” I am Bi-sexual because there is a really big struggle that we still have to face.”

Drawing comparison to a softer, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift more directly at the beginning of their careers, after five years of being a musician and fast forward to today, the Lucy and La Mer European tour has the duo in high spirit, bringing in guest performers but confessing that Lucy definitely is the fastest to collapse after each show. She relayed how the duo worked well as that, a duo, and keep each other going. The chemistry being ideal as an indie band, but also working when they play with other live musicians. When Sheldon spoke on the dynamics of the duo he went on to say “Normally Lucy will have the whole song just about done and I will come in with the drum part and some hits and she’s always open to suggestions and we create. And the new material will be more pop and I will be playing more heavy drums and that’s how we pretty much always get it together.”

We’ve already seen that this duo is not averse to shock on stage and after receiving standing ovation on this European tour, Lucy LaForge and Sheldon Reed look as though they are just getting started and we can’t wait to see them through the next stage.