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Interview Feature With Jared Dylan

Jared Dylan

Growing up in New Jersey Jared Dylan began playing music in his early teens. Throughout his teenage years, he discovered his purest love for the musical art. He began writing his own material at fifteen years of age and found he had a real passion for it. By the time he was 17 he was already traveling the world making music. He tells, “after 2 years of writing and recording original material and just starting to perform my own songs, I had completed my first EP, In Panic, had an acceptance letter from the University of Miami, and worked as an official cast member on Season 3 of The Voice in North America. After that year, I realised I had already taken the steps to become a professional musician.”

Commenting on his honesty as a creative he went on to say “Besides the inability to not be myself, I feel like the person I have worked so hard to become can connect with the world in a deeper more meaningful way. That has always been my motivation in writing music. Talking through his influences his music, Jared fostered much of his work through the inspiration of the likes of The Kooks, the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, the Shins, John Mayer, punk rock, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5, blues, folk, Disclosing, his influences tended to span from everything from classical music to modern day pop.


Set to release his brand-new project Consequence an impromptu creation that were a direct result of the emotions he experienced at the time, he went on to say, “Being based in Miami for four years, I was already a fan of The Beach Chronicles and connected to the Universe through its use of reality. It was amazing to be turned into a character [Kid Dylan] in the graphic novel; and it’s exciting to be illustrating the concept of the soundtrack through an individual, hypothetical, existence.” – Touring with his original material gaining a larger audience, he tells that it has been both exciting and nerve-racking experience. The end of 2018, seeing him complete the album for fellow musical artist Astrella.

Currently touring, promoting the release of his short film and soundtrack, and working on the documentary. And there’s no stopping Jared to date with his ever-growing career. He classes a musical highlight as working on this new documentary has been a high point in his career, And with his mission as a music artist “to create a soundtrack that reflects our lives and can be seen as a stamp in time,” it’s safe to say you’ll be hearing more from Jared.