“It’s just a matter of time”

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Conceptual designer Francesco Rasola is one very enigmatic emerging designer. Independently grafting his way within the fashion industry, through assiduous unwavering persistence, experience and self-belief, with a vision to convey a particular mood with each collection, a distinctly recognizable mood, with unique characteristics. And his latest collection ‘Real Watch FW18’ is one example of the Francesco Rasola signature.

His first debut in 2014 launched his brand NEXT/STOP. Born from the innate need, which torments the artistic drive of many designers, to make their dreams tangible. The label personifies Francesco Rasola observation of events which inexorably happen day by day. NEXT/STOP has enjoyed international success with streetwear being at the forefront of Francesco Rasola inspiration.


…“I love ordinary people who love to freely dress without regard of current trends

Francesco Rasola

After the presentation of his first collection in Brini showroom in Florence, more than 50 stores throughout Europe distributed his line. 2016 saw Francesco Rasola creating a collection for the final of “The Look Of The Year Poland” and appeared throughout polish press. His most recent collection was presented in Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days (in collaboration with Fashion Scouts). The collection embodied the overarching question of time, integrating the clockwork time feature within each garment. The innovative designer displayed his catwalk in reverse, expressing the notion of not being bound or influenced by time.

The eight week preparation for this line, from beginning sketches, the prophetzipne, all the way through to the development of the samples, created an interesting representation of Francesco Rasola’s key distinction. Once the fabrics were selected, a suitable mood and design together with the clock mechanisms, were implemented into the pieces. Stiff fabrics along with the sponge fabric neoprene were used to enhance the geometry within the cuts of this collection and gave precision throughout the runway show.


…”It’s just a matter of time” –  The message of the collection is to go against time. I want to emphasize what the real role of time is in our lives”.  

Francesco Rasola


Societal ideologies and social awareness have played a fundamental role in the creative process for the designer. Continually inspired by the daily lives of people, never drawing separation between his creativity and his private life; creating during the most surreal moments have become that which fuels Francesco Rasola ingenuity. Expressively viewing other brands as integral parts of the fashion industry, not as competitors but companions to be celebrated.

Directly following ‘Real Watch FW18’s debut at Mercedes- Benz Kiev Fashion days, Francesco Rasola was invited to talk with Sara Maino (Head of Vogue Talent), together with this came an upsurge in demand from retail outlets to directly stock his collection in their stores. Francesco Rasola is set to be an incredible designer to watch as he progresses and continues to spark the catwalk with his conceptually led inventive designs and innovative runway shows.


All images provided by Francesco Rasola