The concept of fashion is changing and Vegan fashion might be set to change the world


When we think of fashion, we often think of trends that come and go. We’re often glad to see them go. However, in recent years the rise of vegan fashion has shown no signs of going anywhere soon, gaining mainstream popularity and being embraced by ever more of our favourite brands. As consumers become more aware of the impact our fashion habit can have on the environment, animal welfare and even the human lives behind the clothes we wear, it looks like vegan fashion won’t be going anywhere soon.

In fact, it is estimated that the global faux-leather market will be worth a staggering $85 billion by 2025. From high-street brands to the biggest names in luxury fashion, those in the industry are taking steps to ensure they keep up with contemporary practice and the demands of their customers.

Here are just some of the brands giving us a reason to get behind what can only be described as a movement, and demonstrating that vegan fashion is a trend that isn’t going away at the end of the season.

1. Adidas & Stella McCartney – Mainstream brands are getting on board

No stranger to vegan fashion and innovation, Stella McCartney has collaborated with Adidas once again to create the first pair of vegan Stan Smith’s. This is the first time ever an alternative to leather has been used to make the iconic shoes, that have stayed true to the original design.

This collaboration between two big household names demonstrates that vegan fashion has a place in even the biggest names in fashion. Stan Smith’s have been one of the brand’s most popular designs over the years, and the decision to make a vegan version will possibly ensure they stay popular for years to come.

2. Bonds – Vegan fashion leads the way in sustainability

Vegan fashion can change the world and Australian brand Bonds are showing that designing and manufacturing vegan fashion is just the tip of the iceberg. By 2020, Bonds aim to reduce their overall energy usage across production by 40%, and their water usage by 50% – among many other ambitious sustainability and ethical practice commitments. Producing clothing without the use of animal products will help them achieve these goals, and naturally match their brand ethos.

Bonds create stylish garments people love to wear and save the planet whilst doing so. Pledges to improve working practices in fashion show commitment to ethical considerations in the long term, meaning that vegan fashion is here to stay.

3. Converse – Vegan fashion provides a platform for big names to support causes they believe in

Another giant in the shoe manufacturing industry that has turned to making vegan shoes accessible is Converse. However, they have not only made vegan shoes but also used the range to promote inclusivity and support a good cause. In 2018, Converse launched the Vegan Pride Collection in collaboration with Miley Cyrus, who is famed for her dedication to animal rights and also holding a strong connection with the LGBTQ community. The collection is stamped with Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation logo, a social justice organisation which supports homeless LGBTQ youth.




4. Gucci – Even high-end, luxury brands are going vegan

Established and recognised as being at the forefront of high-end fashion, Gucci officially stopped using fur towards the end of 2018. However, the iconic brand has now made the decision to stop using angora, as part of a renewed commitment to vegan, animal-friendly fashion.

Gucci is joined by a volume of household names such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Rand Gap, who have now all banned the use of fur and angora in their collections.


So there you have it, undeniable proof that vegan fashion is no longer reserved for vegans, but has made its way into every corner of the fashion universe – and is likely here to stay.