Kendall leading the fashion pack at Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week

Image source: Simply Q

Milan Fashion Week has created a media circus not only around the stunning collections walking down the runway but with one particular girl that is creating a buzz amongst all the top supermodels. Kendall Jenner or simply Kendall, has managed to drop her ties with reality television show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ to high end fashion model babe. Appearing more times in Milan Fashion week than in her stint with New York Fashion week, Kendall is leading the trends and reaching towards newer goals. Definitely not surviving on her family ties, and despite those rumours of bullying at fashion shows, she has shrugged it off and is heading towards supermodel stardom. Already walking in Ports 1961, Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci in their rainbow explosion of colour show and Fendi, she has quickly become the favourite face of the Milan runway.


Kendall serving up runway freshness in an all white look at Ports 1961
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At New York fashion week, she showed off her amazing physique in a Tommy Hilfiger bikini and bared no make up at Marc Jacobs. Milan Fashion Week showcased Kendall at her best, pushing past all barriers and creating a fashion frenzy with her first walk at Ports 1961. During Ports 1961 Kendall waltzed down the runway in an all white look that had all fashion magazines excitedly questioning what she would do next? Throughout Milan Fashion Week, Kendall walked countless runways making her official Fendi debut alongside supermodel and British It girl Cara Delevingne. After the show the rising supermodel, showed off her own little Fendi Karl doll with full excitement stating “my baby Karlito”.


Kendall rocking at Fendi

Image source: Modelinia

It’s not only her runway looks that have everyone talking about her, but her off duty style and appearances at some of Milan Fashion Weeks hottest parties has got all eyes on this model. Kendall mixed up her iconic black skinny jeans and tee for a sleek blue dress for the Vogue Italia party, where Kendall celebrated their 50th Anniversary.


Image source: Mirror UK

It’s pretty incredible to see Kendall blossom in the fashion community and at the ripe (and envious age) of 18 years old. With over 13 million followers on instagram, her rise to fashion fame is only going to skyrocket upwards. She is definitely becoming a runaway favourite and DIFORM can’t wait to see what she has next in store!

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey