Featuring in the glossy pages of Instyle magazine and graduating from the Cordwainers of London College of Fashion, London luxury accessories designer Amy George is making her mark on the fashion industry. From luxurious gold clutches for that eventful occasion to relaxed and casual denim slogan totes her deigns add an element of elegance. The congruity of passion, knowledge and dedication has enabled her to turn her love for creating beautiful women’s accessories into her business. DI-FORM grabbed a moment with the budding designer to find out more about this new design gem. Read our interview below.


What is your go-to accessory from your line when you go out?

AG: That depends on how strict I am with how much I am going to take out! If I have a bigger bag I tend to fill it, so I do try to use the smaller bags to stop myself from doing this. My evening bag is typically the ‘Savannah Clutch’, ideally a limited edition one, as I love the more unusual leathers I have found over the years. It’s a classic style that goes with anything and fits all the essentials for a night out. If I really do need more space then the easy choice is the Edie clutch as it has a handy detachable strap so it’s great for day to night.

What inspired you to create Amy George?

AG: When I first started studying fashion in general everything I designed had an accessory of some kind so it seemed that was the place for me. I then specialised in bags and after a successful work placement in my 3rd year I had all the contacts and some time before the final year to make some on my own and test the response. As it was a success and I enjoyed it so much the label continued throughout the final year and after a little re-brand it is still going strong.

How was your experience at Cordwainers of London College of Fashion?

AG: I had the most amazing first year, which allowed me to indulge in all aspects of the industry and be really creative. Classes could be about business & costings to technical skills to then be drawing blindfolded for our illustration classes (which were the most fun). It then got slightly harder when you had to undertake every aspect, as there are inevitably some areas that are harder than others. I preferred the creative side to writing reports and pattern cutting was more of a challenge but the support was great as were my classmates.

When did you fall in love with accessory design?

AG: I think I always loved accessories and looking back to when I was little remember going to my favourite shop in town which sold beads and trimmings and making jewellery for family and friends. I then fell in love with using leather and with a Uni course focused on bag design it continued to grow. I love the fact that they are so versatile and can be something that lasts a lifetime.


When is your favourite time of day?

AG: Late at night, I think I should actually be nocturnal as definitely work better when it’s dark which doesn’t always make working hours easy. I like the quiet outside and just seem to have much more focus and motivation when the day is meant to be winding down, especially for the creative aspects of the label.

Why accessory design?

AG: It was made clear to me at University that the accessories industry and bags in particular was about to explode and they were right which is both good and bad. I like the fact that people can invest in an accessory that can be used every day if desired, something that will be versatile, durable and most importantly good value for money. It also allows those who maybe cannot afford high-end clothing to have a little piece of luxury in their wardrobe.

What is the design process behind each bag?

AG: It usually starts for me with a random idea of the main feature whether that be a block of colour, zip placement or how it could be worn. This then develops into the shape and functionality, as these are essentially why we are buying. From then it moves on to the materials and final details such as hardware choices and leather and lining combinations – designs can change if I find a really cool leather combination that just has to exist.


Where did you grow up?

AG: I grew up by the sea in Essex with 3 siblings and the best parents ever. They are all the reason the label still and ever existed as they have always believed it should continue and stood by me at times it seemed an impossible dream.

If you could create an accessory for any fashion celebrity, who would it be and what would you create?

AG: There are many lovely celebs I think would wear the label beautifully, Laura Whitmore & Fearne Cotton are both extremely cool, however it would have to be Keira Knightley or Felicity Jones. British style and talent at its best!

What’s on the horizon for Amy George in 2015?

AG: With the last year spent promoting and selling some new colours and styles on our new look website the time has come to invest some time in the creative side again. We plan to work with fashion bloggers for our shoot in the summer with a social feel for that season. We have done shoots that are editorial and then lifestyle so social seems the best next step. The colours currently on our site we are still so in love with so we will just add a few more to them and possibly bring in a few new styles, including our new look rucksack. An exciting year ahead for sure!

Make sure to keep an eye out for this new rising luxury label. 

Editor: Florence Bailey