Follow These Five Tips For Men’s Fashion

From Double-denim looks to Full colours. Tropical prints and Real pink outfits we’ve started to embrace how full of colour this seasons trends are. So much so that even the male wardrobe has started to embrace love for colour. So we have especially focused on what this season has in store for the male fashionista. As we leave the winter wardrobe behind us and dive into spring we give you our five Spring/Summer that we hope you will love to wear this upcoming Spring/Summer Season.

1 – Full Colours

Colorful prints

As we’ve seen on the run-ways this year so far you can’t wear enough colours in your outfit. With prints full of colour you can’t go wrong this season and you can even double-up if you want, to make a full-colour statement look. This Spring/Summer 2020 you can let yourself go and wear as much colours you want, because for once it won’t be excessive it’s actually allowed. That doesn’t mean you should br sloppy be tactful be tasteful and most importantly add your stamp to it but by all means you have the official fashion stamp of approval to be colourful.


2 – Double Denim is A GO this Spring Summer 2020

As Fashionista’s we all have some Denim-pieces in our closet right? But This Spring/Summer you can stand from the crowd with a double-denim look. As Denim has always been a basic-item in our wardrobe we are now able to get out of the door in a Double-Denim look that you can always finish by pairing this look with some cool-white sneakers.

Pink for men

3 – Pink outfits that men can wear

The times that pink can be worn by women are finally behind us! As the fashion-industry has always been an open-minded world the colour pink is now-a-days also wearable for men. This seasons trend enables you to switch your light-blue or white-outfit with a ‘Pink’ outfit. From pink trousers to pink blazers you name it, pink is a colour that reflects joy and power. It breaks barriers and brings conversations and will definitely bring out your confident side. Let’s face it it takes a pretty confident man to wear pink well. So don’t be afraid of it embrace it and wear it and officially be on trend.


4 – Tropical-Mood


You’re probably already busy planning your Summer-vacation and your destination. But in your wardrobe you might not have anything with Tropical-Prints in your Spring/summer Closet. Well it’s time to add these pieces in your Spring/summer closet. Gone are the days where tropical prints remind you of your grandfathers excuse to embarrass you on holiday in his Hawaiian shirt. Tropical-prints work this season but beware and be careful. We suggest that, if you want more from a double denim look or full colours in your spring/summer closet then think about some cool Tropical-shirts that you can wear now and in the coming Spring/Summer seasons. Think about the long-term and you might have more pleasure from your Tropical-Shirts.


5 – Biker Jackets

Biker jackets

It’s not a surprise that Biker-Jackets are statements. But for 2020, it’s an easy piece to carry especially if you’re sick and tired of your lightweight suede jacket. It might be smart to add a nice biker-jacket to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Go for a good quality light-weight jacket that you can wear now and for the next Spring/summer seasons, so you have less but more in the future. Buy smart and take time before you open your wallet and spend money. You want to make sure that leather is classic and can be worn time and time again. There are a lot of designers that sell biker-jackets so you might get lost in this so make sure you do a little re-search first.

With these Five Spring/Summer 2020 trends, we hope to inspire you to get into this Spring/Summer 2020 in a fashionable way. Don’t forget to think about sustainability because it will benefit you as an individual, but you also contribute to a more healthier and wealthier planet as well. We are excited with what this Spring/Summer 2020 brings us, and we ware curious about your thoughts about the Spring/summer 2020 trends. So let us know what great fashion hacks you have for this seasons new wears? Let’s keep us guys on trend!