The New Up And Coming EP From FIFI Rong

“…Jaw dropping downtempo electronic music.”

– Through The Wire


“…Her sound is deeply instinctual with a dreamy, ethereal vibe, laden with sentiment and open vulnerability that carries the listener away into her universe.”

 – Meade Magazine

She’s worked with Skepta, Phaeleh, Tricky and Boris Bank/Yello, receiving endless praise from the likes from The 405, The Fader, and Clash. She’s headlined throughout the UK, Europe and China, picking up radio support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra and BBC 6Music. And now the multi-talented unstoppable Fifi Rong is back with her brand new EP Violently Silently.


All Images Provided By Nick Ray
Photographer: Paris Seawell

So much has happened since the last time we caught up with you at that time you were about to go on two tours in China how did they go?

FR: Very well. Last year was just me alone with my electronic setup on stage and did 7 cities touring with another band. This year was the first time I played with my own band, and it was my headline tour. I toured in Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhangbei festival which was a new experience and a lot of fun.

After having seen you live and seeing how detailed you are with your more intimate gigs, the tours must have been an amazing spectacle?

FR: It’s not much difference except the size of the stage and audience. Some of the shows during the tours were very intimate as well.

Who works on your styling for each set?

FR: Usually just myself, except on tours but so far mainly I have had to do it myself.

And now you are embarking upon the Violently Silently EP launch and we are as excited as you about it but how did you derive at this for the title?

FR: There are 3 layers of meanings to this title:
1, the phrase taken from the chorus in ‘Since when’ describing the emotion from suffering a downturn of a relationship.
2, the phrase describing my sound being subtle, vulnerable, introverted (silently) yet emotionally powerful, extremely, and brutal (violent)
3. it’s my wish to approach the music world in a low key (silently) matter with serious intention to impact (violently).

Your fans are quite something, you have to meet them to realise just how eclectic and diverse they really are, but have they already given themselves a name as the trend of many celebrity fans?

FR: I have a number of very supportive and steadily growing audiences around the world. To be honest, I’m rather anti- trend if anything when it comes to these popular cultural terms, but if one day there is something, I’d imagine it’d be people intending to humour themselves over my Chinese name ‘Rong’.

Your fans must be equally excited about the new EP but when is the official release date?

FR: 4th December is the official release. The pre-release was 30th October via my pledge music campaign. So some people are already listening to the Ep as we speak, while others will hear it first at my EP launch show on 24th November.

We hear that the Violently Silently EP show will have something new for us?

FR: Yes, evolution is a natural thing.

Can you tell us more or is it a surprise?

FR: I would consider better production, more defining personality, more details, and special tailored samples, better songwriting, thematically more conceptual, overall more evolved into who I am.

What can we expect to hear from your new EP?

FR: More maturity in my production, more particular and personal with my sampling and identity. Better songwriting. Consistency and continuity in the soundscape and thoughts on connection behind the thread of the track within the EP as one entity.


How long have you been working on this EP?

FR: From writing to recording, and production probably 3-4 months, I’d say I have definitely put in a lot of me into this.

What would say is the defining feature on the EP?

FR: In the EP I am more deliberate in terms of expressing the ‘hybrid’ nature of my music. Take the journey from track 1 to 5 and you will realise what I mean by ‘violently silently’ and what ‘hybrid electronica means. ‘ I used the same set of sound elements that I sampled, crafted and re-sampled to demonstrate a set of songs that people would conventionally consider as a cross of several genres.

With last year’s tours, PR plugs magazine and blog interviews, EP launch, when does FiFi have the time for just FiFi to just unwind?

FR: I actually get more stressed when I’m not creating anything in some form, so I make ‘whatever comes to my mind’ type of music that is outside of my release schedule just for fun and that strangely relaxes me and makes me happy.


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