Female Entrepreneurs' Best Advice for Aspiring Business Owners

While the news outlets and magazines are still brimming with stories of the challenges women face in the modern business world, and there are still many questions of equality being debated, we have finally reached a time when female entrepreneurship is truly celebrated and empowered. If you are eager to join these feminine, powerful ranks, you can rest assured that you’ll be welcomed by many wonderful, successful ladies, prepared to share their two cents in order to help your success flourish.

From many business women to another one: take these tips to heart when you decide it’s time to start your own professional journey. It may be a growing, opportune environment, but it’s still one riddled with setbacks and obstacles, waiting to be tackled by another courageous entrepreneur. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five key lessons you can use to fuel your entrepreneurial dream!

Expand and pass on your experience

Expand and pass on your experience

While you’re still at the beginning of your journey, it may seem too far in the future to consider embracing the role of a teacher. However, the skills and knowledge you intend to turn into a business will inevitably grow and advance, and at a certain point, you will indeed have so much to offer to other women in the entrepreneurial world. On that note: always preserve and nurture your learning mindset. The same one that has given you the means to start your business today.

Use it to help others embrace their own potential. The skills you are about to obtain through starting your own company are invaluable, from the soft skills such as negotiation and crisis management, all the way to mastering a new language or, who knows, accounting! Whatever you learn and pick up along the way should become a part of your teaching mindset, as well. Opportunities to pass on what you know, to others waiting to follow in your footsteps, will come, and as much as they are wonderful for raising more awareness about your business, they are equally priceless for those who are eager to learn from you.

Take a strategic approach

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It’s absolutely true that no new business can succeed without passion. If you’re not madly in love with the art of baking, you’ll soon find yourself miserable in a business of making cupcakes. However, sheer passion will not be enough to combat the many complex issues of running a business, from filing tax returns, hiring talented candidates, all the way to approaching your audience through marketing.

First and foremost, you need to choose a business model that you can manage successfully with your skills and know-how, as well as your love and persistence. Whether you’re wondering how to start a cleaning business or run your own gym, you should start looking into various options, such as franchising an existing brand, or partnering up with someone equally passionate about your industry. Chances are, learning more about your opportunities and options will help you carve out a roadmap and discover the best way to move forward with your dream profession.

Delegate and outsource

Delegate and outsource

Being an entrepreneur in this day and age means you are the ruler of your own little professional kingdom and the owner of your time. The freedom that comes with entrepreneurship is truly invaluable. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to take on every single task, from negotiating a client to setting your weekly schedule. This is where proper time management becomes essential so that you can retain any balance in life and build healthy relationships.

With today’s resources, you can easily look for a virtual assistant to handle the non-essential segments of your day-to-day work. Then again, you can work with a creative soul to carve out a detailed marketing plan for your brand, or a bookkeeper to handle the invoices and other red tape. Asking for help and support when you need it is far from a sign of weakness – it takes maturity and it will better your ability to deliver excellent work for your clients instead of experiencing permanent burnout.

Take a stand

Take a stand

As a business woman, a brand, and a professional, it is up to you to define your values and your priorities in your life. What you believe in will shape your business, the people who choose to work with you, and your stance in society. Starting your own business takes moxie and determination, so don’t be afraid to show your true face to the world – simply standing up for what you believe in will get you the reputation you deserve and more brand awareness.

As a woman in this community, you know best how difficult this journey can be. In order to inspire more women to follow your lead, be a role-model and an example. Use your business to empower others to follow their dreams and to do so wisely. This simple act of kindness and courage will make your job all the more rewarding, and only then will you start fully appreciating your impact in the world.


We may not live in a perfect society, but as you move forward with your business goals, you are one step closer to making it better. Use these bits of advice, and, with your entrepreneurial adventures, you will empower yourself and others to succeed!