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For music lovers I believe that any collection would not be complete without at least one song that has some reminisce of 80’s pop-rock. Madonna amongst many other music and creative (particularly female) 80’s icons – gave teen girls a reason to wear too many bright colors, use way too much hairspray, commit to the most ridiculous amount of prominent black eyeliner, rip their jeans, hate their parents and became independent women who almost took over the world – left such a mark that it has been difficult to ever erase both it’s trauma’s and talent’s from 21stcentury modern pop culture. And why should we ever forget? Especially if the outcome is bands such as this one in my follow up music review.

Haim’ is the name, write it down, take a picture, tweet it, share it on instagram, what ever you need to do, just don’t forget them! This all female trio band from Los Angeles are not exactly emerging, as they officially formed as a band since 2006, but their star quality only begun to really create unanimous interests in 2013, propelling them to fame status. The three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana Haim create the epitome of what a feminist pop-rock band should be. Fusing Rock, R&B and 80’s pop together with 70’s disco and lyrics that have staying power. Matching a perfect mix of all your album requires to keep you feeling young and upbeat whilst still in keeping to the trio’s musical roots.


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All an avid music lover has to do is listen to ‘Falling’ and you literally fall in love with Haim. The Geek in one is about to be shamed when I now mention that for anyone who has ever played any Grand theft auto game will understand why Haim’s Falling is definitely a song for the drivers of the world. Its tempo is just the perfect car jam for those long country journeys or just cruising and with its catchy lyrics the track is a sensational jamming song.

Their 80’s pop rock sound really becomes apparent in “If I Could Change Your Mind” not just from the video itself but from its sound and its main melody encompassing that classic 80’s Pop -R&B guitar rift with that slight funk fusion paired with vocals that can be compared to Pat Benatar or Shenna Easton, or literally anyone who collaborated with Prince. But Haim really show off their diversity with their most recent song featuring A$AP Rocky “My Song 5” that gives you a more darker edgier sound combining Hip Hop, rock and hints of UK grime to the songs rhythm, completely redirecting you from anything you expect to hear from Haim.

As an individual that is certainly into their fashions, the whole package matters, and without any doubt these girls are into their fashions. With Paris Fashion Week giving us such great collections to look forward to in 2015 spring summer styles it is great to have bands that are a cut above the rest when it comes to their image, being more trend setters than followers. Fashion seems to come as second nature to the Haim sisters. Their look is unique to the individual, each sister bringing her own look that naturally compliments the other managing to merge feminine-chic, edgy, rock and California spring-summer in an effortless yet carefully styled to each sisters personalities, approach to fashion.


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We can’t wait to see what the girls have in store over the leading months. With the Mexico tour kicking off in October we count down the days until they are back in the UK and hopefully another Glastonbury set? DIFORM Salutes ‘Haim’.

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