It’s not that often that you come across a band that have a life alternating experience that forms the basis of what may soon become an incredibly well recognized band. Distinctive in name as they are in sound, L.A based Indie Pop band Beachwood Coyotes have stepped onto the Hollywood music scene with an extra added electric bolt. Featuring in Wonderland Magazine and receiving critical acclaim, this band are storming through the US with their hit tours and leaving a lasting impression. I finally managed to interview the interestingly witty, hysterically comical, frontman and founder of the band Jason, on all things music and the best way to create music.


All images provided by Beachwood Coyotes

How did you formulate the band? It was born out of desperation. And I have Craigslist to thank for having band members.

How long have you officially been a band? We’ve been Facebook official for 4 years

When did you first get signed? I think I already failed this test

Is being signed the goal or being Independent? Whatever affords us the opportunity to keep making music for a living. We don’t need to be huge rock stars, we just want to be able to scratch out enough cheddar to pay the bills. These days you don’t necessarily need to be on a label to do that.

How did you feel on your first live gig? Like a terrified child performing a Nirvana cover at an 8th grade talent show. I also felt that way, at 22, at the first Beachwood Coyotes show.

There’s an interesting story about Jason, the Coyote’s and decapitation that you just have to tell in your own words? That night sort of defines our band. I was with my best friend, Richie Palmer, and we were both at a sort of crossroads in our lives. It taught me to let go and stop overthinking…Or take acid, take a walk at 3am, walk away quickly when you stumble upon Coyotes, and never look back. Oh and don’t get decapitated. And then start a band.

What were your first thoughts after that fateful night? The next time I take acid I’m staying home.


How did the band take it once you told them? I am sure they never let you forget that night? I was the only member of the band that night and for at least 6 months after. Beachwood Coyotes was my child that I now share custody with Yan, Bryan, and Drew. But I think I saw bryan crack a smirk when I first told that story

What was the band’s reaction when you realised you received critical acclaim? You know that smiling emoji with the Sunglasses? THAT

Which city has been the best you have toured in thus far? Dallas by far. I’ve always loved Texas – they’re always ready to have a good time and the law says that they must hand you BBQ when you cross the border into their great state.

What is the new single about? “Face To Face” is about how my personal life and my life as a musician clash. It’s specifically about a relationship I was in that held me back from being able to create and move forward as an artist. I imagine I’ll write more songs like that in the future, I’m an optimist.

imageHow did you find the best way to create music? In my underwear, in my spinny desk chair, drunk on marijuana

There are some heavy guitar driven sounds in your music but will this be the bands signature? I believe we have a style of songwriting that you can say is our signature sound…but I still think the band is too young to be able to answer that question confidently. A signature sound comes when your life is falling apart and you only have one Oreo left in the package.

The fatal question would you share that Oreo? Depends, do you have a glass of milk?

We know you have toured extensively within the US but do you have any plans to tour outside the States? No immediate plans…but we live a few hours from Mexico and our guitarist, Yan, is from Montreal so I see that happening sooner rather than later.

This is the type of band that has quality in the band and quality in the music.