Get the matt spring summer glow

During the summer the task of making our makeup stay in place becomes ever more difficult. Not only are we talking about the constant sweat that assails our skin, but the constant dust and pollution doesn’t help the whole ordeal either. So much so that even the best bb cream in India is not enough on its own to maintain the look that we stepped out with in the morning. But every problem has a solution. So we’ve brought you some makeup tips that will ensure that you walk with absolute confidence this summer.

Begin With Moisturiser

Moisturising is not only the holy grail of skin care, but of makeup as well because the way you take care of your skin is just as important as the manner in which you put on your makeup. So after you’re done cleansing your face, put on a thin layer of an oil-free moisturiser on your face so that your skin gets the basic nourishment it needs. Similarly, you can also opt for an oil-free foundation for your skin as it will complement well with your entire summer look. And if the foundation is not your thing, then you can also opt for bb creams. So go for the best bb cream in India and look your fabulous best!


Sunscreen Is Important

Your summer care routine doesn’t just stop at moisturising, for sunscreen is equally important. You do want to make sure that your skin is protected from the sun, isn’t it? This means that you should wear sunscreen on each and every day, irrespective of the amount of makeup you would need to layer on later. Trust us, putting on makeup over sunburned skin will not only be painful, but it will be devoid of any fun as well.

Invest In A Good Primer

Just because you’ve taken the pains to moisturise your skin doesn’t mean that priming it isn’t important. Follow your moisturiser with primer, an absolutely important makeup accessory when it comes to summers. If you invest in a good primer then it won’t feel like a heavy layer, but it will really help you in holding your makeup in place. We suggest that you get a primer rich in hyaluronic acid if you want to look your best this summer.

Add Glow With Some Quality Bronzer

Do you know the best thing about summer? That utterly gorgeous summer tan! But if you’re a workaholic and have too much on your plate to go for a decent tan sesh, then all you need to do is to invest in some quality bronzer to create that look. And if a tanned look is not really your thing, then you can also use it to make your eyes look brighter than they really are, for there is nothing better than a bit of warmth to your skin. If you love the results and want to keep your makeup looking natural and fresh, then just dab a bit of bronzer on the high points of your face like the forehead, chin, cheekbones, and nose.

Don’t Layer On Too Much

We know you love your makeup, but if you really want to look good with it in summer then the key lies in minimalism. Layering your face with too much products will weigh your skin down and cause your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than normal, and will thus give your face a greasy look. You really don’t want that, do you? So if you want to prevent your makeup from caking and creasing, then stick to as few products as you can manage. For what it’s worth, a tinted moisturiser with SPF and a concealer are enough to build your base.

Avoid The Shimmer

Let’s face it. It’s the summer and if you’re a normal human being then it is natural for your skin to produce sweat, no matter what you do. So if your skin is naturally giving you the sheen, you don’t need to add more to it by adding shimmer to your look, do you? While we get that you love to give your skin that dewy glow, but there’s a massive difference between a healthy shine and an obviously extra shine. So avoid cream foundations or anything that has shimmer in it, not unless you are attending an evening event.


Opt For Sheer Shades

While rich and deep colours have their own allure, it’s best that you stick to sheer shades in summer. Dark shades can make your makeup look heavy and you definitely don’t want that! So lighten up your look by switching to sheer versions of your favourite eye and lip colours. If you want extra definition, then use a lipliner before you apply your lipstick. You can even go for a nude shade if you want that carefree feeling. You can also invest in an invisible lip liner that deposits a layer of clear, waxy film that prevents the colour from bleeding into your skin.

Summers are all about fun and games, so stick to these makeup tips if you want to make your makeup to be the best thing about your look!