custom baroque print dress from Dora Abodi Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Model wears the custom baroque print dress from Dora Abodi Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection

Image sourced from Muusings

Dora Abodi’s opening line is ‘Love, passion, spirit, uniqueness, vision, craftsmanship, faith, tradition and innovation – empowered by The Golden Winged TWIN UNISUS. This is what we are!’ which shines through out each piece in Dora Abodi’s clothing and accessory line. Each piece exudes the decadence of Gianni Versace with a modern allure that is like nothing else. Born in Transylvania and raised in Budapest, Dora Abodi always showed an intense connection with fashion designing from a young age. Her love for drawing outfits in her parents and grandparents art studios lead to attending French Mod’art International Fashion Academy, graduating with honors in 2009 and starting her self titled label.

With her pieces being featured in Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue Daily just to name a prestigious few. Her designs have made their statement within the fashion world, with celebrities such as popstar fashionista Lady Gaga and Hunger Games star Jena Melone. It’s no wonder the fashion world has fallen in love with her designs, with her detailed understanding of luxurious fabrics blended with intricate embellishments each piece is truly a piece of art.

Model wears Autumn Winter 2013/2014 CollectionModel wears Autumn Winter 2013/2014 Collection - 2

Model wears Autumn Winter 2013/2014 Collection

Image sourced from Dora Abodi Website

Her latest Autumn Winter collection carried a richness through-out each piece with custom baroque prints, cashmere coats splashed in eye-popping colors such as blue, red, rose gold and black and leather boots. These pieces were entered into Muuse x Vogue Talents, when entering she described her inspiration being the opulent collection “When I created the AW collection I wanted to summarize my previous collections (as loosely connected episodes) and my concept. In this way this collection is my Roma, full of references, symbols. I mixed the new prints, beaded surfaces, leather with geometric and rustic silhouettes as reference to a fantasy clerical grab.” (Read the full interview Muuse here)

Another exciting feature of this young designer is her understanding of futuristic accessories where she uses demi-couture details on each piece. Her collections show an intricate story of how the outfit mixes into her idea of fashion, as she designs the golden bag to compliment the dress and the shoes she creates also. It’s her overall love for making a garment and accessory into a timeless piece that has won her several awards such as Hungarian Fashion Awards designer of the Year in 2010 just after launching the label. Along with Design am Rhein first prize by Düsseldorf Fashion Academy and Igedo in 2010, Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Best Designer in 2012.

Dora Abodi Arm Candy Piece

Dora Abodi Arm Candy Piece

Swarovski Elements collaborated with Dora on various special projects, when speaking to Swarovski about her label she expressed it’s true identity “My ‘Dora Abodi’ label is all about prêt-a-porter high fashion with detailed, feminine styling and ornate embellishment. Because beaded surfaces and digital prints actually have the effect of rebalancing a silhouette, I use prints, leather, silk and precious materials to develop new shapes and patterns”. (You can read the full interview here) The piece photographed below she described the piece as her technicolor dreamcoat which Dora painted with bedazzling Swarovski jewels in a geometric pattern for this special collaboration.

Model in Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Dora Abodi Campaign “The Secret Layers”

Model in Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Dora Abodi Campaign “The Secret Layers”

Image from Dora Abodi

Dora not only manages to produce such gorgeous designs but believes in the idea of creating everlasting iconic fashion as she believes in not using real fur, exotic leathers or any material from an uncontrolled region. She cooperates with local dressmakers and textile industry experts to keep the idea of sourcing locally alive, which is a quite a chic sentiment for the label to hold. There is no slowing down for this young designer who in her past 5 years of designing and is definitely soon to become a luxurious fashion name to remember. Visit the tantalizing work of Dora Abodi on her website here and follow her social media via their Facebook and Instagram.

Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey