Keep your skin looking healthy time and time again

Expert Advice to Keep Your Skin Healthy Your Whole Life

Our skin is such an integral part of us, especially when it comes to face, that we do anything to cover blemishes and imperfections, in the hope to make our skin look intact and immaculate. But sadly, not enough people do other, equally important measures to preserve the health of their skin, which is why it’s so common to see people quite young, who look five, some even ten years older. 

For that reason, we created a list of tips from well-known experts that will help you keep your skin healthy your whole life:

1. Wear the sunscreen

Wear the sunscreen

Exposure to the UVA and UVB lights can have bad consequences on your skin, such as photoaging, dark spots, and skin dullness. Now, it’s quite difficult to avoid the sun for the rest of your life, but if you wear the sunscreen regularly, you’ll be able to see the difference, especially if you start young, and if, after some time, you compare your skin to those who have never worn the sunscreen, except on vacation. The key to choosing the right type of sunscreen is to know your skin type, so you’ll be able to choose something that suits your particular skin needs. Besides, when buying the sunscreen, make sure to read the ingredients so you’ll be absolutely certain that you’re getting the right type of product.

2. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

It’s become a bit of a cliche, but according to research, keeping yourself hydrated will surely make your skin look plump and glowy. Have you ever noticed how dull and dry your skin looks after a night of partying? The reason for that is the loss of fluids that happens when consuming a lot of alcohol without attempting to rehydrate. Therefore, consuming enough water will help you stay healthy, and your skin will be thankful. Also, make sure to drink water throughout the day, not only when you feel like it and there’s no absolute need to drink eight glasses each day, just listen to your body and drink water regularly so you’ll rarely feel thirsty.

3. Build a skincare routine

Build a skincare routine

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about skincare which is brilliant, because skincare is an essential part of one’s beauty regime, and it’s about time we spend more time talking about skincare and ingredients than indirectly pushing others to wear makeup, so we’ll be able to meet unrealistic beauty standards that are all about perfection and very little about fundamental care. So, if you’re new to skincare routine game, it’s best to start simple: remove makeup, wash your face with a cleanser, and moisturize. These three are the most important elements of a healthy skincare routine, but if you feel like this isn’t enough feel free to add toner, and in order to keep your skin more pampered, don’t hesitate to apply Bellezza exfoliating face mask, that will keep your skin soft and moisturized. Besides making your skin look good, masks also have a therapeutic effect, so next time you feel a bit down, feel free to organize yourself a beauty and skincare evening at home.

4. Treat yourself to a facial

Treat yourself to a facial

Now, some facial treatments can be truly expensive, but a lot of experienced facialists have quite affordable options. Even if your regular skincare consists of quality products, sometimes it’s important to let a professional facialist take care of your skin concerns such as closed comedones, rosacea, and acne. Even if you don’t have obvious skin problems, treating yourself to a facial will help you keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy. Additionally, don’t forget to find a facialist that has experience with treating your specific skin issues, and don’t be afraid to ask questions prior to the treatment, especially if it’s your first time doing it. A reputable skin aestheticism will patiently answer all of your questions without being dismissive and rude.


Having healthy skin isn’t something too hard, but it does a bit of effort and research. Keeping your skin safe from the sun rays is a must, together with having a consistent and healthy skincare routine. But drinking enough water and having occasional facials will keep your skin in even better shape. Lastly, eating a balanced diet and staying away from excessive sugar and alcohol consumption will only make your skin healthy and plumper. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products until you find something that will be suitable for your need