“Studio Job are drawn to extravagance like a moth to a flame and that tendency is just as much ideological as it is stylistic. For them, the populist, utopian, and technologically deterministic thinking that has animated design since the days of the Bauhaus is simply not equipped to deal with the full richness of human psychology. In their view, design is not separate from desire.”



Soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel founded Studio Job in 2000. The studio was established in the true essence of the Renaissance spirit – where traditional and modern techniques are combined to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. The pair started the studio after graduating from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven and in the fifteen years since then, they have moved towards being the contemporary pioneers of personal expression.

Works by Studio Job can be found in more than forty museums around the world. In addition to this the design duo have had dozens of solo exhibitions. Their iconic, heraldic and cartoon-like sculptures are popular with collectors. Proclaimed ‘One of the most influential design teams’ by the Financial Times. The studio itself includes traditional craftsmen and contemporary industrial professionals from sculptors furniture makers and painters to specialists in cast bronze, stained-glass, laser cutting and 3D printing all of whom work to realize Studio Job designs in whatever final form may be required. The flexibility of application and realization frees the studio from the confines of any one particular medium and allows for the artwork to speak for itself on an aesthetic and conceptual level prior independent of its physicality.


With accolade upon accolade Studio Jobs have created a definitive ground-breaking studio having previously won Product of the year 2014 and 2015, Yatzer and Product of the year 2014, AD Germany Top Designer of the Year, Artsy, USA, Most influential design, Financial Times, London World’s Most Wanted, Wallpaper, and London Winner Woonbeurs Pin, Amsterdam.

Notwithstanding their past achievements winning Elle Decor Intl Design Award In 2012, Milan and best Dutch Designer, Eigen Huis & Interieur, Amsterdam. And in 2011, Nynke and Job turned a post war villa into Studio Job House filled with modernistic icons and contemporary pieces. The Groninger recently dedicated a massive retrospective accompanied by a new book to celebrate the large body of work of these world renowned creators.