Plunge into the realm of prismatic reflections with 3D sculptural installations sparked by engineering and interaction experience. An Eden of celestial beauty emblazoned by a nostalgic aura reminiscent of an impressionistic art movement. educated at The Danish Design School, majoring in clothing design; she graduated in 2006. Instead of following the normal trajectory, focusing on “target groups” and moving along the commercial path as a fashion designer and thereby contribute to what the fashion industry aims to present as the most up-to-date and “in” style, she has chosen to work artistically with experimental clothing design. In recent years, she has let her clothing designs become constituent parts of three-dimensional sculptural installations.


Transcending a synergy resonant of decontextualized collections, designer presented at this year’s Ventura Lambrate as part of the MINDCRAFT14 exhibition of Danish design in Milan; World of Wearable Art 2014 and participation at The Eurovision Song Contest 2014. She has also exhibited at Horsens Museum of Modern Art, with two pieces entitled “Slowly Seeping through my Hands”, and “The Dance with the Deaf and Dumb Eye”, in the autumn of 2011.