Graphic designer Hari Panicker & trained artist and interaction designer Deepti Nair begun experimenting with their unique approach to illustration and crafts in 2010. Hari & Deepti three key implemented factors in design are Paper Paint & Pixel believing ‘Paper is alive’ using cut out paper, light boxes and LED strip lights.


The experimental duo Hari & Deepti continue to personify thought-provoking¬†narratives through their interesting animations built from paper lights. ¬†Through their work the viewer can escape into Hari & Deepti’s imagination embarking upon an adventure marked by a zenith of interactive frameworks anchored by design from clients MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. Invited by the United Nations to the art series for the World Humanitarian Summit 2016.¬† The masterpiece for World Humanitarian Summit focuses on acceptance, it shows a displaced family just like the family on the other side being welcomed and given a chance to make it their home.