Evolving to Spring: Sophisticated Ways to Modernize Your Home


Spring symbolizes renewal, prosperity and transformation. While these processes occur outdoor spontaneously, when it comes to the interior, you need to make them happen. Chances are that winter has brought its moody hues and cool appearance into your home. With the arrival of spring, it is time to change that, and introduce the transformative character of this season into your home. So, if you are ready to transform your home into a sophisticated and modern spring-worthy environment, read some simple décor hacks that will help you accomplish that.

Classic color palette is always modern

Popular color palettes come and go, and if you decide to base your entire décor on a color that is only a fad, you will end up with a dated room the very next year. Just think about what would have happened if you had painted your entire home in Pantone’s Greenery last year. However, if you choose a neutral color palette (cold or warm neutrals, such as grey, white, sand and beige), your home will appear much more sophisticated and it will be easy for you to incorporate other more modern hues, such as this year’s color according to Pantone – ultra violet.

Embrace the sunlight


You know what’s the most fantastic thing about spring? Sun finally overcomes its shyness and it is free to shine upon your home. Letting it inside is the least you can do for your mood, but also to make your interior more vivid. Place a mirror opposite to the window to maximize the amount of natural light and make the room feel more spacious.

Introduce elegance with artificial lighting

Upgrading the lighting is a pretty simple and affordable way to modernize your home. Start by going energy-efficient, so you can say your investment is worthwhile. Opt for CFLs and LED lights. After you’ve covered the economic aspect, consider aesthetics. An accent fixture, such as chandelier or pendant lamp, in the living room, bedroom and bathroom can transform the entire space. Task and accent lights in the kitchen (under the cabinets) and in other rooms (around architectural features or artworks) create an impeccable ambiance.

Refresh your furnishing

Worn out furniture makes the interior look old, dull, and downright sad. This is not the type of look you want your home to have for the upcoming season. However, replacing every furniture piece you have is out of the question, especially if you operate on a tight budget. What you can do is to reupholster some pieces, use slip-covers to cover updated upholstery, repaint wooden, plastic and pieces (in metallic or saturated hue for a modern accent) etc… Investing in one new statement piece makes all the difference in the world. Modern coffee tables, accent armchairs and chic couches can be very affordable, and when used appropriately, they can breathe in new life into the space.

Ditch the heavy textiles

Thick blankets, heavy pillows, massive drapes, and wall-to-wall wool carpets all work on keeping the winter inside your home for as long as possible. Get rid of them, and replace them with lightweight fabrics we associate with spring and elegance. Those are lace, linen, cotton, silk, organza, etc.

Play with patterns

Besides colors, patterns are spring’s greatest treasure. Also, they can be your way to introduce playfulness and joy into your home, without disrupting the basic elegant color palette of your home. Some of the most desirable patterns for the warm season are floral, tropical, and the last year’s boom bugs and insects (butterflies being the most standard ones), but you can also go with the classic stripes or polka dots. Introduce patterns through wall detailing, wallpaper, artwork, throw pillows, area rugs and accent furniture pieces.

Let it shine


Besides the mirrors that can create the illusion of spaciousness and enrich the space with elegance and style, you can include other reflective surfaces to serve the same purpose. Metallic accents, especially warm metals like rose gold, brass and copper, have a way of making the entire interior glamorous. Introduce them through lighting fixtures, accessories and smaller pieces of furniture (e.g. coffee table). Other ways to add reflection to the room are by using glass furniture and glossy paint finishes.

Flowers, plants and greenery

Now it is time for final touches of spring to your home exhausted of winter bleakness. This is the easiest part, just scatter some fresh flowers, house plants and greenery around your home. Not only will this make the interior more sophisticated, it will also improve your mood and purify the air. You can be really creative with how you display flowers and plants (e.g. use jars, light bulbs, wine crates, cans, etc.). As for the greenery, think about installing a green wall with herbs in your kitchen for twofold benefits.

Don’t allow your home to be stuck in the limbo between winter and spring. Use these tips to update it and make it spring-ready.