Enticing Style with Fashion Drop

Tantalize your fashion hunger with the new online style destination Fashion Drop, founded in 2012 this online community of fashion bloggers, stylists and chic observers is aspiring to make a change. With such a widely diverse range of online shopping websites available at the tip of our fingers, Fashion Drop wanted to add their own spark to the ever-growing pool of inspiration. Fashion Drop doesn’t stray away into a niche market but aims to inspire fashionistas worldwide by sharing their fashion favourites via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, then from that imagery create a select range of dresses, shoes and even more to cater to all your styling needs! With the motto “We deliver a continuous stream of best high street fashiontheir website does not disappoint.

Every day the Fashion Drop team sifts through thousands of most re-blogged and favourited fashion imagery to bring an endless supply of style heaven to your virtual world. The two innovators behind the online fashion kingdom are Dana Pukaine who is the head of Fashion Drop’s fashion, alongside chic marketing director and business relationships manager Adrian Silenieks. Adrian’s 10 year experience with online project management and his keen interest in the buzzing fashion industry has landed him into the Fashion Drop realm. While Dana like many fashion lovers, has always followed stylish trends and developed an envious style that she wanted to help share with everyone.

Find below some of the DIFORM favourite picks from the Fashion Drop, from our favourite dresses to sparkling heels.

Fashion Drops favourite dresses to sparkling heels

From left to right

1. Long Sleeve Modern PU Leather Jacket For Women – Purchase Here

2. Asymmetric striped casual dressPurchase Here

3. Rivet hollow out fleece sweater – Purchase Here

With an effortless filtering system to narrow down your favourite piece to purchase, there is endless choice. Whether you are craving a bohemian inspired sandal with gold embellishments or enticing skyscraper heels in a modest pink shade, Fashion Drop can find the right accessory for any occasion. Not only do they hold the key to must have accessories but have a never-ending stream of amazing garments, with military inspired coats, dangerously alluring biker jackets to serene white dresses.

dangerously alluring biker jackets to serene white dresses

From left to right

1. Casual Style PU Leather Backpack – Purchase Here

2. Folding Handbag – Purchase Here

Fashion comfortable high-heel pointed shoes

From left to right

1. Fashion comfortable high-heel pointed shoesPurchase Here

2. Fish mouth high heel bandage sandals – Purchase Here

3. New style Rivet decoration High Heel shoesPurchase Here

But if you get a tad overwhelmed by all these chic goodies and need a point of reference of how to tie all the pieces together, check out the Fashion Drop’s blog that covers all trends from must have hairstyles to the most loved trends of this year. Along with their continuously updated pinterest stream on the side of their browsing page, you simply can’t go wrong when creating your own style.

With their free shipping worldwide there is no reason why you can’t jump onto their website and update your wardrobe right now! Make sure to get your fashion fix via their social media:



Instagram– @Fashiondropcom

Twitter– @Fashiondropcom



Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey