The fresh faced Swiss singersongwriterElla On The Run’ may be one of the new buzz words on the music scene soon enough. This emerging artist has performed sold out UK shows with fellow European songstresses such as Tove Styrke gaining recognition from the likes of BBC Radio 1. With all the new buzz around this young artist it was delightful to interview Ella On The Run and discuss her surprisingly amazing culinary expertise and new music ahead of her latest release ‘Walk Away’.



How did the name Ella On The Run come about?

E.O.T.R: Ella is actually my middle name, so not many surprises there. The “On The Run” was added while I was doing my first LA recordings for this project. I must have seen it somewhere and it has a good ring to it. It’s also a good mantra for moving forward and keeping the momentum going!

The blog scene already know you and are loving you at the moment, but there is not much information about the behind the scenes you. Who is Ella when she is not “On The Run”?

E.O.T.R: I try to keep my personal life quite private, that’s why I don’t divulge too much information. I really want to make an impact with my music but I can tell you that I am also a passionate cook for instance! I even have a chefs degree believe it or not!

Actually, it is really hard to believe but tell us more about your culinary forte?

E.O.T.R: Let me think! I think my current speciality is Asian food, although I do love a good simple mushroom risotto! Even though I was trained in classical French cuisine I find myself not really doing many of those dishes anymore as they mostly take about 2-3 hours to make if you want to do them well! I am also a huge fan of the whole Ottolenghi inspired alkaline healthy cooking but I could never be a full vegetarian as I like meat too much! I got the degree a few years back when I was in between jobs and a little disheartened with the music industry, so I thought I could potentially train to do something else. I worked in catering for a while after that but music was too much of a pull and so I started the Ella On The Run project. It’s a good thing though, because cooking is something I can always come back to if I ever need to!

Your remake of Ace Of Base ‘All that she wants’ exemplifies your approach to music and there is something very 90’s about your sound. Was this intentional?

E.O.T.R: Well All That She wants is a 90’s hit! But yes a lot of my inspiration comes from 80’s and 90’s music! Be it early Madonna or Ace of Base, I think they were the pioneers of minimal pop and that got lost somewhere in the 00’s. I don’t like overproducing songs so I try to keep them as minimal as possible. Nevertheless, I still think I managed to make my version of All That She Wants quite current with lots of contemporary dark electronic vibes.

What do you want your audience to feel when they think of Ella On The Run’s music?

E.O.T.R: That’s a good question and a difficult one to answer. I don’t think I want to dictate to my audience what they should feel, but I hope that I can convey a little bit of the emotions that I felt when writing the songs! When I was young I would listen to Alanis Morisette and think; wow she knows exactly what I am going through. I hope my music can bring the same comfort to my fans.



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How did you find the transitions from Zurich to Boston to London and LA?

E.O.T.R: I have moved around so much in the last 10 years that I find transitioning quite easy to be honest. I grew up in a very international family with my mother being half South African and half French and we always traveled a lot and spoke mainly English at home. But leaving to study in the US definitely was a big change, but I loved every second of it! Now I am mainly in London with one or two long trips to LA a year to write or just be there as I love the creative energy that city gives me!

We see that you are into your fashions; how would you describe your style vocally and in what you wear?

E.O.T.R: Vocally I am very mellow and rhythmical in my approach. I think the most important delivery is the one that is meant with all your heart. I have seen many singers perform who are technically outstanding and far better than I could ever be, but I did not buy what they were selling… the emotions were not there. Fashion wise I am all over the place, I love mixing vintage stuff that I steal from my mom with Zara or digging out something I have not worn in years and rediscovering it’s awesomeness! But in general, like with my music, I like to play it mellow but add an element of quirky in the accessories.

What has it been like working with Matthew Bang?

E.O.T.R: Matt is a dear old friend of mine from University, and we have worked together on almost all of my tracks except for Too Much Heaven which I recorded with Dee Adam (Shannon Saunders, Andreya Tryana). We make an excellent writing team as we push each other to work harder and are comfortable doing so. He is also a wonderful and talented guy and working with him is always a pleasure!

Your latest release is ‘Walk Away’ how did this come about being the latest release?

E.O.T.R: ‘Walk Away’ is a single off my latest EP Undone. We decided to release it as a summer single because it just fits! I actually started writing the song last year when I went to Morocco for the first time! My flight was delayed and I started messing around with some summer beats on my laptop. I later took the song to Matt in LA and we struggled at first to figure out where the hook would go until we realized it actually worked just simple as it is. Less is sometimes more!

Tell us the story behind the video concept?

E.O.T.R: I actually came up with the video concept out of the blue, because and this is completely honest, I had to keep the budget down. As the lyrics revolve around forbidden love I thought I would explore my generation’s inherent narcissism! So I am ultimately signing a forbidden love song to myself!




With your summer packed with the new release what can we expect to see from Ella On The Run in the fall?

E.O.T.R: I have been busy working on new releases and already have enough for another EP in the fall, but I think I might hold off and work a little harder on my first full length album for next year. You will have to wait and see.

Who will we see you working with on your next release?

E.O.T.R: I am currently working some more with Dee Adam and have some interesting people lined up for some good sessions, but I would like to get more involved in the production myself like I already started on the last album.

Where will you be touring next?

E.O.T.R: I am going to stick to the UK for now and am currently booking all of my fall shows. Head to my website to keep up with the new bookings.

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