Tips for a happier healthier you!

Every medicine, every medical philosophy, whether it is Western medicine, Ayurveda, Holistic approach and even homeopathy agree on one thing – staying healthy doesn’t depend solely on getting regular checkups, and treating ailments when they’ve already attacked us. It’s about treating your body as a temple that it is and making sure you stay strong, both physically, spiritually and mentally. In these hectic times, stress can negatively affect every aspect of our health and subsequently happiness. Hence, we have the duty to treat our temple with the utmost care and believe us, it’s far easier than it may seem at the moment. With just a few lifestyle alterations, your life will vastly change for the better, so follow us as we guide you to a happier and healthier life.


An unhealthy diet can cause a number of health problems, ranging from high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues and obesity, not to mention some of the less severe ones such as fatigue, bloating, slow healing, and a poor immune system. Interestingly enough, a poor, unhealthy diet can even cause mood swings and depression. A healthy balanced diet, naturally, does the opposite. From regulating blood pressure, keeping the heart in spick and span condition – a healthy dietary lifestyle will keep you safe. Now, it’s understandable that, what with our jam-packed schedules we don’t always have time to prepare delicious and healthy meals. However, the perks of the age we live in include that everything can be delivered to our door. You can have incredibly delicious and healthy food delivered to your door, and you can even subscribe to monthly deliveries, so you never again have to worry about having a proper meal waiting for you.


If you’re not a religious person, that is completely fine. There are plenty of ways to pray, figuratively and literally. In the spirit of mindful living, which many members of the younger generation have been adopting, you can achieve health and serenity in a few simple steps. The first thing you need is positivity. Therefore, make sure you wake up thirty minutes before you usually do. Use this time to stretch, summon up good vibes and give gratitude for all the good things in your life. You have no idea how strong the power of gratitude is. The more grateful you are, the more joy you invoke. Spend ten minutes doing this and then steal twenty minutes of your day to meditate. Meditation has scientifically backed positive effects on your overall health. It has the power to combat a number of physical mental issues, but more importantly, it keeps you sharp, focused, clear-headed, and it has the power to keep anxiety, stress and depression at bay.  Twenty minutes for a lifetime of happiness and health is nothing, so make sure to take your time because your temple deserves it.


They say that there is nothing that love can’t do. While that technically may not be true, it’s well known that people who love and who are loved lead happier and more fulfilled lives. So, give it your all to love everyone and everything around you. Love the scenery that you pass by on your way to work. Tell your parents, your friends and your partner you love them. Give small mindful gifts to remind them just how strongly you feel for them. The love you give will come back to you tenfold, and your heart will be full of joy and contentment. However, as your heart is big, don’t forget to love yourself. Yes, times are rough and it’s always easy to believe the bad things about ourselves. It’s crucial to drown those voices out and give yourself all the love and encouragement in the world. Every morning, say at least three amazing things about yourself, three things you love and would never change. The power of positive affirmations is frequently underestimated, but these affirmations work. The more you love and cherish yourself, the more capacity you will have to love others. It’s a circle, and it starts with you. Self-love leads to romantic love and all other types of it, so always love yourself first, and everything else will fall into place.


Whenever you can grab a moment, put on your workout gear and just go. You could be a fan of jogging, regular gym sessions, group sports or yoga. It doesn’t really matter what form of exercise you take up, as long as you keep that body moving. Breaking out a good sweat rids your body of toxins, and it simply feels good. You might find it excruciating in the beginning, but you will feel incredibly invigorated afterwards. Exercise, in any shape and form, has the power to keep your cardiovascular health intact and provides you with the much-needed energy so you can accomplish everything the day demands of you with the greatest of ease. It’s also a mood-booster, and if you don’t trust us, trust medical professionals – it can even increase your libido. Yes, exercising is amazing for the body and the soul.

See, a little great food, a whole lot of love and gratitude, a touch of movement and in just a few short weeks, you will notice a change. You will be happier, lighter, less moody and stressed. Most importantly, you will be healthy in every aspect, and who knows, perhaps even live a longer life. With so little effort you gain so much, so why not just give it a try?