…Soaring heights’

Only those that have partied hard in Holland (Amsterdam to be exact) will understand when I say, that as soon as I saw the name of this band, I was already involved. It is therefore a complete bonus when your bias works in your favour and the band is as good as how cool their name is.

The highly acclaimed L.A based bandDutch Party’, created by band member Ken Franklin – referring to their sound as “pop with a purpose”. Featured in Billboard, Pigeons and Planes, and Fader with over three million plays on Spotify, charting on US college radio, and a growing fan base in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. – Dutch Party do not seem to be stopping anytime soon, soaring heights which some may deem insurmountable.Dutch Party got started about 2 and half years ago. We released our first EP right out the gate and have another one coming out next. At the moment the link to the Netherlands is more outlook than anything else. Like a different view of the world. New York was once New Amsterdam–what if it still was? The exact reference is from a 150 year old book on social customs–about a certain event that we try to embody every time we stand up to play. And lately a lot of our influences are the early 70’s stuff like Velvet, Bolan, Lynne, Bowie, Onyeabor, Mayfield, Gainsbourg has been getting a lot of play on my stereo. Sometimes crashing into 80’s synth bands like Kraftwerk which I’m beginning to appreciate more. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head—and it never makes any sense where it comes from. This morning it was Juicy. Yesterday it was Soft Hair.” – Ken Franklin.


Dutch Party is that band for every situation’

The Alt Indie Pop band latest release, new single Blade Runner, does have accents of what we all loved and still adore about the band Metronomy, with a Dutch Party twist. Their vintage disco sound, combined with a sweet bass line and groove guitar rift, governed by provoking lyrics, through the delivery of the evermore interesting voice of front man Ken Franklin, make for a catchy instrumental that will have you singing “long gone” while whistling away trying to replicate the song (even if you may not remember all the lyrics). This is a band that is an interesting band to get to know and to watch their progression. Dutch Party is that band for every situation, when life happens and when you want life to happen, their songs seem to slot into those monumental moments, but let’s not forget to reiterate the fact that not only are they a cool band but Dutch Party quite literally rock!