Beauty Julia Nobis for Alexander Wang

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee

Creating a rainbow of beauty and imagination on a single piece of paper, is something truly magnificent. Being able to express your vision and your interpretation of the world as you see it onto a page is a talent very few possess and even fewer can master. This is why Amanda Lee leaves individuals with share fascination with her gorgeous and definitive interpretations of fashion icons and runway shows. With a passion for illustration before she could even produce words, the Australian based Illustrator found that using her paintbrush was her process to communicate visually to others. Studying at UTS, (University of Technology, Sydney) Amanda received her bachelor of Fashion & Textile Design, which subsequently shaped and encouraged her love for Fashion Illustration.

Now avidly pursuing a career in fashion her illustrations have already begun to attract fans and followers with constant whispers of her talent in fashion circles, DIFORM stumbled upon her work during Paris Fashion Week where she drew the comeback of Gemma Ward (another Australian beauty) at Prada. Instantly gravitating to her style and approach to representing fashion we caught a quick interview with Amanda to see what makes her the artist she is today.


Beauty Gemma Ward for Alexander Wang

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee

Name your top 5 favourite designers to draw and why?

AMANDA: Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, for his modern interpretation of the signature Chanel classics. Alexander Wang for Balenciaga, for his injection of sport with sophistication. Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton, for his intelligent mix of retro and futurism. Raf Simons for Dior, for his bold colours and refined silhouettes. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, for her embellished theatricality

When did you fall in love with drawing?

AMANDA: I started drawing before I could even speak English. Growing up it became a natural way of communicating to others. I was a constant daydreamer (I still am) and drawing allowed me to bring my imaginary world onto paper.

If you could go to any fashion week all expenses paid which one would it be and why?

AMANDA: À Paris, mais bien sur!  If I had an invitation to Chanel at the Grand Palais that would be the icing and cherry on the cake. For the sheer spectacle, the gorgeous clothes and accessories as well as seeing Karl in the flesh.


Beauty of Chanel

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee


The beauty of Louise Vuitton

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee

What tools do you use to create your beautiful imagery?

AMANDA: With art mediums I use gouache, sable paintbrushes and smooth watercolour paper. Then I enhance the illustration with Photoshop and Illustrator. Et voilá!

When did you fall in love with fashion illustration?

AMANDA: I was 15 and utterly absorbed in a fashion magazine when I came across David Downton’s beautiful live sketches covering the Haute Couture shows. I remember how sensual yet considered they were. The images spoke more than the actual photographs themselves.

Who are your top fashion bloggers, models or it girls you love to draw?

AMANDA: I wouldn’t say there is a particular fashion figure that I like to draw. Rather it starts with a picture of them and if I’m drawn to that image I will illustrate it. It’s also a particular detail like Cara’s brows or Liu Wen’s lips.


British IT Girl Cara Delevingne

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee


Beauty of Dolce and Gabbana

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee


Beauty of Gucci

Illustration by Amanda Lee

Image Courtesy of Amanda Lee

You studied Fashion Textile & Design; do you design your own clothes at all?

AMANDA: I didn’t pursue a career in fashion design as I realised I gravitated more towards the styling and editorial side of fashion rather than designing the actual garments. Having said that, I would never rule it out for the future.

Any tips for beginning fashion illustrators?

AMANDA: I still consider myself a beginner but the main advice I would give is never stop illustrating! Keep practicing and hone in on your skills. You will eventually find your own aesthetic and develop that particular style.

What’s planned in the future for your drawing?

AMANDA: I would love to work as a freelance fashion and beauty illustrator. For it to be a career would be the ultimate goal. The dream is to have my imagery featured in fashion publications such as Vogue, Harper’s and Elle.

It was more than a pleasure interviewing the ever beautiful Amanda Lee and her gorgeous illustrations and we can’t wait to see her work splashed across the pages of some of the worlds most prestigious magazines.

Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey