The festive season is a bittersweet experience. Sweet due to the massive fun and partying that comes with it and bitter due to its negative aftermaths. Think about all those parties you graced and the beautiful things you did. Oh and the tasty delicacies — mouthwatering. It was awesome right? Now, we are in January and you may have packed on some extra pounds as a result of all that indulgence. Not to mention that empty wallet? Dear ladies and gentlemen, this is the bitter side of Christmas: it leaves you broke and overweight. Among these two, it is the latter that is probably causing you major headaches. I mean, you can always get a loan to help you survive untill the next paycheck, but how can you shed those extra pounds you gained? No you cannot pawn them. Nobody wants them; they are probably facing the same problem. However, it is not just any diet that will kill that weight: the diet must contain foods that aid in weight loss.

Herein are some diet tips that will help you lose that weight.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables

In the race towards weight loss, a high fiber diet can be a great companion. This is because fiber will help keep you feeling full for longer hence reducing any increase in appetite. In addition, the high fiber diet will ensure your rate of metabolism is kept at a considerate rate and thus ensuring that the excess calories are being burnt. Therefore, if you incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet this will help you to reduce any further weight gain and aid in the burning of the excess calories. The good thing with fruits and vegetables is that you can also take them in the form of smoothies if you cannot eat them.


2. Avoid alcohol and soda

As much as you will get tempted to wash down that sumptuous meal with a drink of soda or whiskey; ask for water. This is because unlike water, these beverages contain lots of calories. Therefore, taking them will translate into additional calories: calories you don’t need! So just be content with the drinks you took over Christmas (and we are sure you took them in excess) and drink as much water as you can, well at least until that excess weight is dropped.

3. Eat proteins

According to a recent research, proteins do not increase weight but rather they help reduce it. This is because very much like fiber, proteins help to keep you feeling full for a longer period as compared to carbohydrates. Proteins like red meat have also been known to enhance the body’s ability to breakdown fats hence reducing the storing of fats. One protein food that will really help you here is fish or fish oil. With fish oil taken twice a week, your body will be able to reduce the number of calories being stored as fats around your stomach as well as the number of calories being taken in. In so doing, it will have averted any further weight gained and hence the effects of the calorie burning foods will be visible. So, there are some food best for weight loss.
Take them in the form of smoothies if you cannot eat them.


4. Take green tea

At this age and time, it is almost impossible to talk about weight loss without incorporating green tea. Green tea contains catechins that help hasten the process of burning calories in your body in addition to reducing your appetite. The reduced appetite will help ensure you do not over-eat while the increased metabolism will ensure that more calories are burnt thus leading to a reduction in your kilos. For visible results, try to take at least two glasses of green tea every day: a glass in the morning and another at night.


5. Drink lemon water

After the mammoth eating binge you indulged in over the festive season, it is important for you to clean up or detoxify your system. This is in order to ensure your liver is in its best condition to carry out metabolism. It is this high metabolism rate that will ensure your excess calories are burnt. Therefore, as you plan your diet, remember to incorporate fresh lemon juice as the first and last thing you drink every day.


After the numerous parties you attended over Christmas, it is possible that you gained more than a few kilos. This is weight that could be harmful to you and hence you should attempt to reduce it. The good thing is that you can easily lose it through a well thought out diet plan review. Your diet however should include foods like lemons, proteins, green tea, vegetables and fruits as they are widely known for their calorie burning capabilities.

Words By Beauty & Lifestyle Writer: Annie Lizstan

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