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Fashion Bloggers are now taking the lead in fashion, translating trends and new runway styles to the masses in the most chic way possible! DIFORM was lucky enough to get a glimpse into the world of London fashion blogger Nicky from NickyInsideOut. We discussed all things fashion and how she fell in love with fashion blogging, check out the interview below:


Nicky rugged up in knits and the freshest kicks

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We noticed you met Manolo Blahnik, how was that experience?

NICKY: Yes! At the launch party of Harrods Shoe Heaven on the last day of London fashion week! Manolo Blahnik is the sweetest and a funny gentleman.. So many girls wanted to take photos with him and he just did his best to make everyone happy! Then we started to try on shoes and the rest is history!

Why did you start a fashion blog?

NICKY: The question I often ask myself is ‘why I didn’t start one before?!’ When I was little I used to paint outfits! I would imagine an occasion and build an outfit for it.. Complete of accessories and price!! My mother still keeps them back home!

What’s your number one go to fashion item when you’re in a hurry?

NICKY: My leather jacket! I feel good in it and can rock any outfit!

Tell us about your work in the fashion industry?

NICKY: Well, my job is merging my studies and my passion for fashion. I studied business economics in Italy followed by a MSc in Marketing Management in London. Now I work for the SMCP Group as Expert Manager. I manage the Maje Pilot store in Mayfair and I train the new managers in the network, select new candidates.. I still enjoy styling my clients when I’ve got time! Busy bee!

Black & White with Nicky

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How do you prepare for a blog post?

NICKY: I try to always keep it real! Since styling is my favourite ‘game’ I always try to incorporate new trends and make them wearable for my readers. Building the outfits and then writing about them is the part I enjoy the most!

How was London Fashion Week?

NICKY: At LFW we had a blast! I loved the atmosphere, the shows, meeting other bloggers and also taking street style shots. I am planning to cover some more fashion weeks in Europe next February and counting down the days!!

What were your three favourite shows at London Fashion Week and why?

NICKY: What catches my attention is pretty much always monochrome and what I can see myself wearing. I loved the blues and bomber jacket at Christopher Raeburn, the clean and laid back silhouettes at Jasper Conran and adored the game of leather of Christopher Kane.

Tell us about where you grew up?

NICKY: I grew up in Italy. My parents still live there. Big house, private school, lifetime friends. I consider myself lucky because I had it very easy and was a bit of a spoilt girl. .. my boyfriend would say “a lot!” Well.. He’s Dutch! It’s going to be funny to merge the two backgrounds educations when we have our children!

A day in the life of Nicky’s Instagram Feed

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What do you see in the future for Nicky Inside Out?

NICKY: Nicky inside out it’s still at early stages. It was born in March 2014 and I am still discovering the blogging world. I enjoy every little step. At the same time I already work full time in the fashion industry and love it. I hope one day I will be able to dedicate more time to nicky inside out and be able to take it to the next level. Blogging full time still remains my dream.

Any tips for budding fashion bloggers?

NICKY: Well, it takes a lot of dedication. It’s not only about buying pretty clothes and taking a snap. From my experience it requires styling skills, and high quality photos are important too. I think it’s very important to stick to your personal style and not try to copy other bloggers. We are many but there is space for all of us. Of course we all get inspired by each other and that’s a good thing, but you will never see me wearing a colourful outfit or killer platforms heels, and I believe my readers know that by now.

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Words By Fashion Writer: Aicha Robertson
Editor: Florence Bailey