Music Feature

Self-taught musician from LA lands with his new single ‘Feel The Same’ and we review it


At some point during our journey through life, we all inevitably begin the search for that special someone to share our lives with as a relationship partner. All our accomplishments, successes, and triumphs are that much more heightened and celebrated when there is someone with us along for the ride, and to help us through our failures, setbacks, and challenges that we all must face. Through the power of facing everything together, both good and bad, is what will set that one special person apart from all the others. Someone who knows who we are, accepts us for who we are, as we are, and where we are in our journey without having an attachment to who they think we are; knowing both our divine inner light and darkness. One who knows and understands us when we are in pain or hurting and helps us to grow and become even better than we once were. In his new single ‘Feel The Same’, Devin Kennedy explores the realms of having that special someone during the good times with a sound that feels like a warm, summery breeze.

Devin Kennedy is a self-taught musician from LA. His acceptance into Berklee Colledge of Music is what solidified his calling as a musician and got his songwriting juices flowing by inspiring him to release three singles and an EP entitled ‘Love Language’ in 2018, which included his debut single ‘Call Me Back’. When asked about his musical influences, he responds, “I grew up listening to bands like Blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy….etc. These days, I’m influenced and inspired by artists/producers/writers who write top 40 music. Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, Jack Antonoff, Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and Arizona.”


Devin’s newest single, ‘Feel The Same’, introduces itself with a soft, electric guitar and finger snaps along with Kennedy’s warm vocals and quiet sentimentality. When the chorus hits, it launches into a booming, urban beat that highlights Devin’s vocal abilities with a swooping falsetto and rich baritone sounds that oozes with sensuality and hopefulness, all in one soulful and vibing track that’s sure to get fans hooked on playing it again while moving to the groove. As for the inspiration behind ‘Feel The Same’, Kennedy says, ‘Feel The Same’ is about wanting to have someone by your side through all the good times. I’ve found over the last couple years that I don’t enjoy or celebrate successes as much when I don’t have someone to share it with.”

Being such a young musician, and wise beyond his years, upon speaking with Devin the talented musician closed with this one profound statement “Be kind, always. There’s no other way. Kindness is something that’s deeply important to me. It’s something that my grandparent and parents have always tried to instilled into my whole family.”