Design Trends for the Millennial Generation: Finding an Interior Style for Your Inner Self.


Home is where your heart is, and you wouldn’t put your heart in a place that doesn’t reflect your personality, right? Just as we can use fashion to express ourselves, interior design can also serve as a way of making a statement. One of the most famous interior designers today, Nate Berkus, said “Your home should tell the story of who are you and be a collection of what you love”, but finding out what that story is requires some introspection. So, let us embark on this road of self-discovery together; by the time we finish, you should have a clear idea of your ideal interior style that reflects your inner self.


Make a blacklist

Before you even begin discovering what you like in interior design, you should determine what are your dislikes and boundaries you don’t want to cross. Make a list of things that would never find a place in your house. That can be something broad like a certain color (e.g. orange) or something more specific like an L-shaped sectional sofa. The more stuff you put on your list, the easier it will be to find out what you really want.

How you spend your time matters…

Although decorating a home should be viewed through the prism of aesthetics, millennials also put a lot of thought into function. Considering that living in small spaces is one of the characteristics of this generation, this makes much sense, since they have to make the most out of every corner. So, take your time and think how you use every nook of your home. Do you actually need a lot of furniture? Is minimalism the style for you? Or you prefer the “cushiony” cozy farmhouse design?

Technology as the new luxury

As a generation that was born into technology, millennials have high demands when it comes to this specific area of designing their living space. However, not every millennial will want to have the same tech. Depending on your personal interests, you will prioritize differently. Millennials who love to spend their time watching movies or binge-watching Netflix TV shows will install home theatre projectors, while others who love cooking, for example, will equip their kitchen with smart kettles, fridges and ovens.



Find inspiration

If you don’t have your own ideas, try to steal them. Just kidding, you shouldn’t copy any specific persons, house or style, but you can use them to spark your creativity and design your home in a way that suits you just right. So, where to find inspiration, you might ask. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take your favorite piece of clothing and get inspired with its colors patterns and even the weight of the fabric. The fashion era it comes from can also be helpful (e.g. a ‘60s midi dress can be associated with Memphis Milano design).
  • What’s your favorite TV show or movie? Is there something about the homes in it that you like very much? If you like Mad Men, perhaps you’ll enjoy a mid-century modern design. If you could see Something’s Gotta Give a hundred times, maybe you are more into beach-house décor.
  • Treasure hunt on Pinterest; really, this is a social network packed with fabulous ideas for interior design, and when you find the right one for you, you’ll know.


Art is a true expression of oneself

Art has always been a great way to express who you are, so why not use it in interior design? You can take your cues from the previous paragraph and get inspired by the colors and motifs of your favorite artwork, or simply use art pieces to improve the aesthetics of your home. Find a piece you like the most and build the rest of the décor around it.

Customization is the mark of this generation

If you are anything like any other millennial on this planet you love all things customized. And this is the key to nailing the personality of your home. So, don’t just settle with another Ikea bookcase. Sure you can buy bookshelves at Ikea, but repurpose them into something that matches your own style such as a reading bench, fabric storage or a bar station. You can also take any piece of furniture and re-upholster it, repaint it or whitewash it. Furthermore, it is a great idea to turn something you love into a home décor piece (e.g. a movie poster as the focus of an accent wall).


For a generation still finding its way in this hectic world it is important to know how to express yourself through attitude, art, fashion and yes, interior design as well. Still, do not allow your style to be put in a box. You do not have to find your style within the frame of your generation preference. If there’s something else that reflects who you are – go for it!