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The Jazz and RnB-Soul singer Deanna Devore mixes both to create her chilled effortless sound in her latest debut ‘half and half’.

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With the hustle and bustle of today’s modern world, we can often forget or even neglect to take time for ourselves in the form of self-care as part of our self-love practice. Whether it be a bath with scented candles, meditation, or ever a nature walk, this practice of taking some time out of our day, even if it’s only for an hour, to give our body, mind, and spirit the much-needed respite it requires from our daily lives, is what fuels us to become more creative in our way of thinking. By clearing out the mental clutter, we can even create some astounding works of art or music that can then be shared with the world as our gifts back. When we share these gifts with others and the world, we can create inspiration in others to shine while simultaneously creating more joy and love in unity. In her newly released EP, ‘Half and Half’, Deanna Devore mixes both jazz and RnB to magically create a sound that is perfect for slowing things down during a chill time.

Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Her music beautifully blends the hypnotic, downtempo electronic beats with organic instrumentation, creating some emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences around the globe. Her rich vocals, intricate guitar playing, and emotive songwriting are what creates a lyrical sensitivity, maturity, and sophistication that spans across downtempo electronic, RnB, acoustic, jazz and orchestral territories. Deanna says of her music that’s been inspired by the downtempo electronic RnB/Jazz sound, “I’d like to be known for my versatility and love to write in various different genres, while still maintaining a consistency. I’ve been playing instruments since I was a little kid, which then inspired me to start writing music. I was exposed to instruments and music at such a young age that it just became a part of me.”

Deanna Devore - Rachel Winslow

The incredible collection of tracks showcases her versatility within her music, with half the EP focusing on her hypnotic, downtempo electronic side and the other half illustrating her charming acoustic singer-songwriter style. Her inspiration sparks from a sonic level while her songwriting is built around the resulting impact it will have on the listener through the feelings and emotions that certain chords and melodies provoke. When asked about the inspiration behind her EP, she says, “Lyrically, I delve into the darkness and light of love and life. ‘Half and half’ went through many transformations, because originally, I was planning on recording an all acoustic album. But then I started writing new songs that had more of a downtempo RnB/jazz feel so I decided to do a mix of the two. It’s called “half and half” because the album is half electronic and half acoustic (some songs are in between – picture a spectrum of sound).” Having self-produced the entire EP in a home studio in Toronto, as well as performing all the instruments herself, Deanne wishes to encourage other female artists to take a lead in their music, saying, “I’d love to inspire other songwriters and other female multi-instrumentalists/producers. There aren’t many of us out there it seems, so I’d love to inspire more female musicians to self-produce.”

With many tracks featuring her soulful, sultry vocals that glide atop the throbbing basslines, ethereal synths, and glistening melodies, it’s easy to see the singer/songwriter’s love for darkly poignant and mesmerizing soundscapes, with the sleek and synth-driven melodies simmering amongst the hypnotic jazz infused chords.  The acoustic approach of her other tracks is a showcase of her gentle authentic instrumentation, warm melodies and honest, heartfelt lyricism.

Deanna Devore. Rachel Winslow

Curious about the inner wisdom she would like to share, I asked the singer/songwriter if there was a single message that she would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that she would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why was that message so important, she responds, “Bring back in-person conversations. Put down your phone and be present, so that people can have an in-person connection vs. connecting through social media.”

Garnering notable praise from both industry, media and fans, Devore continues to be a consummate musician and prolific songwriter and is quickly becoming an artist to watch. ‘Half and Half’ is currently available worldwide.