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The fact that summer is the embodiment of a carefree and breezy time when the air is filled with romance and anticipation of great fun is a universally acknowledged one. It’s a time when we can tuck away our corporate wardrobe arsenal and our smart clothes and bust out those great summer outfits that have been calling out to us, patiently waiting for their time to shine.
One of those moments is, without a doubt, a long weekend getaway; enough with all work, the time has come for all play. One of the crucial features of outfits that represent the phenomenon we call effortless chic is that ‘slightly undone’ quality to them. Following that rule, we’ve handpicked the perfect set of combinations that will make you look stunning at all times, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Stripe up!

Stripe up

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While the office life often requires us to suit up, once you’re miles away from that world, it is time to stripe up. Our love of stripes seems to never fade; it reminds us of the French Riviera and eternally classy French women sitting in outdoor cafes.
While there is no way to go wrong with stripes, we have narrowed the choice down to a combination of a simple blue-striped T-shirt and wonderfully frilly and breathable pair of culottes in delightful millennial pink. These pants are the Holy Grail combination of comfort and chic. They allow for plenty of movement and when you choose that perfect length just above the ankle, they have the magical powers of elongating the leg, making you look stunning.

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For daytime of exploring a new city always go with flats, but keep the color bold – choose electric blue for a touch of contrast. Top things off with a great woven summer bag, a subtle white gold locket, and you are all done.

Getaways are made for being whimsical

Getaways are made for being whimsical 01

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Don’t be afraid to give in to your playful side, that’s what summer is all about. One of the perfect ways to let that side shine through is by using the ever-faithful florals to your advantage. Go a step further, show a little leg, and make it your priority to choose among the floral playsuits.

Getaways are made for being whimsical 02

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Although playsuits are absolutely perfect for any summer occasion, a summer music festival seems like the best option. Of course, in this case, the perfect companion is a small cross-body bag with fringes in camel or nude. In keeping up with the festival vibe, as well as keeping you comfortable so you can dance it out not worrying about your feet, stylish sequin or even linen espadrilles are a clear choice. Festival makeup calls for plenty of glitter and a loose side-braid. Even if you’re not headed to a festival, the look is still absolute perfection (sans glitter of course).

Give a sneak-peak

Give a sneak-peak 01

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Last season was all about fun-loving ruffles and bare shoulders. The trend has made its way into this summer season as well, but with a minor twist; instead of baring both shoulders, the ‘it’ tops of today are about giving a sneak-peak by showing only one. We dare say that this cut is even sexier somehow, equally fun and evoking of warm and vibrant Spanish nights.

Give a sneak-peak 02

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You could take the clean and crispy route with a white one-shoulder ruffle top and a pair of red shorts, or immerse yourself in that ‘ole’ spirit and go red on top and white with the bottoms. Either way, in the footwear department, there is no better companion of this outfit than a high-platform sandal with a satin ankle strap and a straw tote handbag.

Gliding in a sheer dress

Gliding in a sheer dress 01


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We have not forgotten about the evening vacation cocktail hour and dinners. The choice here is clear – a maxi sheer lacy dress with romantic and elegant embroidery. When you wear a dress like this it will not only be felt by you, but everyone around you that you appear to, not be walking, but gliding. There are very few things that so perfectly encompass elegance and sexiness like a sheer full-length dress.

Gliding in a sheer dress 02

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This season has graced us with a variety of choices in terms of color, allowing you to be either a vision in pastel or make a strong statement in a vibrant yellow dress. The accessories should be kept minimal; small metallic clutch and strappy sandals to match, as to not overshadow the dress, although that would be difficult to do.

A look that is both chic and effortless is clearly not so difficult to achieve. You just have to find that middle ground between what feels and looks amazing. Incorporate a new trend or two, and of course, always pre-plan your outfits for a frill-free weekend away.