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When the daily toils quite literally grab a hold of you and reaffirm their dominance in your existence, confirming to you that life is one of the only instruments truly not at man’s command, fresh new sounds can always bounce the soul back to life. Such a sound in this case came from the very suave Mr Jidenna and his memorable single ‘Classic Man.’ The Nigerian Wisconson born artist who previously  worked as a teacher in a New York Public school (of not such high standing), then went on to first grace us with his defining presence featuring on Janelle Monáe single ‘Yoga’ to later introduce to his audiences to his most recent debut single ‘Classic Man’ featuring Roman Gianarthur Irvin.

Taking a leap out of American Gangster’s character Frank Lucas, Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’ appearance is a contemporary juxtaposition of a beautiful (well-groomed) mobster. Jidenna’s smooth 60’s three-piece tailored suits and elegantly framed waves, added with a cross between Martin Van Brun and Abrahim Lincolns beard, – the beard in this instance being a significant element of the entire Jidenna look – this singer, songwriter and rapper brings in a very polished and in some respects elitist demeanour to the industry with shear class.
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With many songs encouraging femininity and feminine power it was refreshing, even from a female perspective, to hear a song that was more focused on men and men with standards. There is also something very bluesy about Jidenna, and his ‘Classic Man’ song can definitely be seen as an ode to a particular type of man. Albeit the lyrics are more of a direct contrast to his appearance. Though his uncouth verses do capture your attentions, his outlook permits the opportunity to readily believe that even if what is being said is slightly abrasive it is completely acceptable, due to it being said so very well by such an upstanding character.

On listening it is easy to draw some minor Drake comparisons in tone but Jidenna’s style, flow, and content do enough to still allow him to be an artist that stands out in his own right and with such a frenzy through this year with this introducing artist it will be interesting to see what else Jidenna has in store for his fans in the very near future. I for one am keen to see more from this rising regal star.
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