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With any new music act it takes the listener all of a few seconds to decide whether they will change the track or just love that song in that moment in time. But every so often comes that act, in this case duo, which commands devout followers; ‘Broods’ ultimately is such a band. From the intoxicating airy vocals of the beautiful pure tone that resonates from its lead vocalist Georgia Nott accompanied by the sensually soothing harmony of Caleb Nott the New Zealand born sibling duo make up this unique and so above par band that is ‘Broods’. Signed to Polydor and Capital records and already thrown into the nurturing arms of the producer Joel Little who produced Lorde’s award winning Pure Heroine debut, it seems that ‘Broods’ are already destined to go far.


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There is definitely something exciting about Georgia’s voice, almost the same excitement we felt when ‘Florence and the machines’ first stepped on to the scene only more soothing less dynamic and more, “pop.” You need only listen to ‘Coattails’, ‘Bridges’ or ‘Pretty Thing.’ ‘Pretty Thing’ sounding as though it could be the sound track to the next box office teen dark comedy or teen romance. With that cliché teen guy meets teen girl and the stars collide hopefully not directly into their star struck eyes. But without straying too far off, once you turn on the sounds of ‘Broods’ you can instantly hear their interesting mix of indie pop, electronica and electro pop with the rich elements of emotionally focused lyrics and direction. With 56,000 downloads sold, it is little wonder why this duo have managed in just one year to attract such an immense following. And let’s not forget the fact that they are stunning with a fresh and minimal approach to their styles and great looks to match it’s hard to not look at them while they draw you into their hooks and melodies. We are eager to see what the future has in store for this band.


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